Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hi hi hi hi I’m having so much fun in Orlando and I never want to move home and I want to live and eat at Disney World forever and live at the beach and bring home the palm trees to Utah and this sentence is now finished.

Let’s talk about my week, shall we? Or should I say, the past 3 weeks, because I haven’t blogged in ze longest time. I can’t believe how fast the time goes here. I didn’t realize how much time has passed since I have blerged. This is gonna be a really long post with lots of pictures, but guess what? It’s mah blog and Ima do what ah want!

Last Friday (like 3 Fridays ago), I met up with Ashley and Allison at MK and we spent our day off at the park. That was probably my favorite day at MK so far. Ashley bought this frozen apple juice at Gaston’s in New Fantasyland and it was AMAZING. You must get it if you go. We went on all these hidden gem rides like the Laugh Floor, Philharmagic, and more.

Later on, Ashley and I were eating our lunch on the curb of Main Street while we were people watching. I spotted this family of four- mom, dad, and two boys who looked a little older than us. As soon as I saw them I thought, ‘They totally look LDS’. I told Ashley, and we decided to walk right behind them and talk in LDS lingo and see if they did anything.

“So Ashley, what is the first day of classes at BYU?”
“I’m not sure what the first day of classes are at BYU Jess! Did you parents meet at BYU?”

“You know what, they actually met at the MTC! My dad served a mission in Paraguay, and my mom served a mission in Ecuador!”

Halfway through that they all started looking at each other, and by the time I said the MTC part, one of them turned around and said, “You two sound LDS!” and we both said, “How did you know??” It was too funny. And no, they don’t know that we did that whole thing on purpose.

Look how high up Minnie and Mickey are!

I've been on a mission to get free food. We got free cotton candy. Does that count?

I'll give you ten pesos if you can guess where this picture was taken. (Hint: think somewhere in Adventure Land)
Also, all of these photos look like they've been photoshopped. Do I look like I know how to use photoshop? (The answer is a big fat no)

Umm. Yes.

I had another day off the next day, so I went to Magic Kingdom for one purpose, and one purpose only: I rode the 7 dwarves mine train that was only open for cast members to ride. It. Was. Awesome.

This is the CREEPIEST ending to the ride, but I love it. I used to have nightmares as a kid that she was hiding in my closet waiting for me. 

 We came to the ride alone, and left as friends. Awwwwwwwwwwww Disney!!!!

After that, I went home and took the bus to Hollywood Studios with my friend and we checked out Star Wars weekend. Holy AMAZEBALLS it was incredible. The firework show was out of this world sweet, and seeing Chewbacca was a magical moment.

Look how cute that little girl is!!!

"But first, let me take a selfie!" I HATE that song but it applies. I am ashamed but at the same time proud. 

At first, I was really nervous to work with all the lifeguards at Typhoon Lagoon. I thought for sure I wouldn’t make any friends, and I’d be this awkward loner sitting in the corner eating her lunch. But I have met so many cool and amazing people working there! I meet new people every day, and they all come from unique backgrounds and have amazing life stories. I love it. Besides work, I have met so many cool people from all around the world. I was walking to costuming and this cast member in a golf cart offered me a ride there. We were talking, and she told me she has worked with Disney for over 38 years!! Crazy, right?

Did I tell you that there are planes in the sky that spell Jesus? Well it happens all ze time! It’s kinda neato. So I took a peecture of it for ju all to see.

Also, sometimes I just look around and think to myself, 'is this real life? Am I really living this dream?' This is a pic of what my view looked like when Splashley and I were laying out on our day off. 

I have had SO many missionary opportunities. Almost every day I have had some sort of missionary experience. I count a missionary experience as a time where I get to talk about my religion and share my testimony. What’s amazing is I have not been the instigator of these conversations, but the people I’m talking to are! It will usually come up when people hear that I’m go to BYU, I’m from Utah, or they ask why I don’t drink (drinking comes up in literally almost every single conversation). It’s so easy! I don’t have to do hardly anything to start a discussion, and people are usually pretty curious to hear what I believe. I am definitely going to miss sharing the gospel that much when this internship is over (which is in 10 weeks!!! Slow down!!)

These missionaries are seriously SO awesome. I love seeing them!
Also, can you tell I need to wear more sunscreen? I remind myself of the indian from Peter Pan. "What makes the red man red?" rather, "What makes the burnt Jess burnt?" It's a lack of sunscreen. 

Hmm. What else to tell ju..

There have been lots of little random fun happenings besides just going to the parks. Across the street from Vista Way (my apartment complex) there is a super ghetto mini golf course with a volcano (it’s actually real if you were wondering… I’m kidding) in the middle of it. Clayton and I decided to go check it out. And boy was it ghetto! Also, if you were wondering, I won the game. ;) “I never lose!!”

Last week my awesome friend, Josh, came to Disney World for a cruise so I got to meet him at Magic Kingdom and ride Space Mountain together! It was so fun. I love seeing people from back home in Florida. The day he gave his homecoming talk was the day I flew out here, so we barely missed each other. It was so great to see him out here and reminisce about high school and talk about how much we love Switchfoot.  

Oh my goodness story time! I went to eat at Be Our Guest (a restaurant in Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast in case you are like me and had never heard of it) with my friend who I met on the Seven Dwarves mine train ride (you meet people in the strangest ways, but it rocks) for lunch. We ate in the great hall, which was honestly incredible. It was so so so so SO beautiful. If you come visit and you are poor like me, come for lunch! It’s cheap, delicious, and you can see how amazing it is inside! We were walking past a little girl in a Cinderella dress and I said, “I didn’t know Cinderella would be here for lunch!” She was BEAMING. It was adorable, so I asked for her picture. I get to do stuff like that all summer! I freaking love this internship. I will admit, it does kind of stink that I don’t get to do stuff like that as a lifeguard because people aren’t swimming in princess costumes, but I do get to experience cool stuff lifeguarding.

This is the ceiling. All the angels are the Imagineers as babies. 

I just remembered something hilarious a guest said to me yesterday. There was a mom in the lazy river with her kids and it was utter chaos- kids being so crazy left and right. She looks up at me and says, "This is probably great birth control for you huh?" I was not expecting to hear that and I started cracking up. Guests like that make my day.

Did you know that if it's your birthday and you are at one of the water parks, you can get a birthday tattoo? I KNOW RIGHT. Well, on my birthday I probably won't be at a water park, but I decided that I wanted it to be my birthday when Clayton and I hit up Blizzard Beach. Those tattoos do not come off the next day, I'm just sayin. It's a good thing my costume covers my upper arm, because it took three days for it to come off! Every time people said, "Happy birthday!" For a split second I was like huh? Oh yeah!! 

This was the only good picture of it, so don't judge meeeee. Someone was taking pictures of me without me knowing it. The rest are too scary to share. 

Alright, let’s just talk about something right now. And that is MALEFICENT. If you have heard negative opinions of that movie, you should completely disregard them and un-friend those people because it was AMAZING. On Monday the fab four (Madison, Clayton, Splashley, and Muah) all went to Downtown Disney (which is so fun by the way) and saw it at the theater. Go see it. Do it for Angelina’s amazing cheekbones, at least. Seriously, they are fierce.

After we saw the movie, Maddie and I spent the afternoon at Animal Kingdom. It was my first time, and I LOVED IT. I think Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks now. Go in the afternoon because no one is there! We got on Expedition Everest around that time, and we rode it repeatedly 13 times in a row. I kid you not! And there was no line whatsoever! We literally walked on the ride again and again. And that ride usually has an hour wait! I’m tellin you, it was the greatest.

Here are my Cast Connections finds of the week. I got Lotso for 5 bucks, and my watch was 7! 
And then Ashley made my bed and gave Lotso some clothes. 

On a side note, it is getting soooo hot and humid here. Holy crap. Remember when I said I didn’t mind the humidity? I was lying to you. It is the WORST. After every rotation I jump in the water to cool off or else I would shrivel up like a prune out there.

I can’t really think of anything else that’s cool to tell you guys. I am developing the sickest farmers tan, and the best sandal tan line known to man.

Ok I’m done for now. I’ll do better and blog in a week. Or 2 weeks. 2 weeks tops. Ok byeeeeeee!