Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 7: Post Christmas What It Do

Hey Family!

It was great to talk to you on Christmas. And also super weird.. Like ju are all steel ALIEEEVE!?? I'm glad you are all looking so nice and happy. Keep up dat guud work.

Here are some of the things I forgot to tell you and some of the things that have happened since our Christmas skype:

- Sister Wheeler is the best comp ever. She remembered me saying that we punch through a wall of wrapping paper to get to the presents under the tree, and on Christmas morning she had wrapped the doorway of our room with wrapping paper. I love her!!!

- After we skyped, Sister Wheeler and I went to a family's home that invited us for dinner. They are 7th Day Adventist Christians that we met at our Christmas activity a few weeks ago. They were SO NICE!!! Seriously I have never felt so much love from people I hardly knew. They welcomed us into their home (they had some other family and friends there too who were a little confused to see Mormon missionaries at their Christmas dinner lolz), fed us an AMAZING dinner (there was this corn bread casserole that has changed my life), and then they took us out and showed us all their animals (dogs, horses, goats, chickens. It took me about 3 minutes to work up the courage to pet the chicken. It could have eaten me!!). After we came back inside and they gave us all gifts, then they brought me and Sister Wheeler MORE gifts, and then they gave us homemade honey that they made (they have a bunch of bees), and then they awarded us the prize of having the best ugly sweaters. I am totally keeping that sweater for every Christmas. Sister Wheeler outdid herself on those sweaters.

- On Saturday MICHELLE WAS BAPTIZED DAS WUT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!!! It was so so awesome. Her brother Ron who just received the priesthood baptized her. She looked beautiful and it was so great that we were able to reach our goal and give a gift to the Savior. Honestly, none of this work has to do with me. It's amazing how the Lord lets us play a tiny role in His work. He prepares the people, puts them in the right place at the right time, and then tells us what to say and when to say it so that they'll accept our message. It's pretty cool to get to play a small part in it.

- Apparently there is a very high possibility that both me and Sister Wheeler are getting transferred.... That's the rumor, or as Elder Pacheco likes to call it, "the prophesy". I have absolutely loved the Elders and the senior missionary couple here. Bishop wouldn't be the same without them.

Well this is a short email but I will write more next week. Peace and blessings and have a fun new years!!! We are going to go out for sushi with a member (Sister Mclaughlin), and I am making her wear the Sponge Bob party hats I bought. Should be exciting.

Sister Harmon

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Another week here and back again. A hobbits tale.

So star wars came out huh?? Wasn't it so good?! I loved the part where I didn't see it cuz I'm on a mission!!

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Monday: Pday was sick. Did you get my pic I sent to you mom? Sister Wheeler an I drove up into the mountains to a place called Cardinal Village. It's a little house/place/store/resort. It is SO CUTE! They had sleighs, Christmas trees, and lights everywhere. I felt like I was on "White Christmas". It was really snowy and we heard that there was free ice skating. We got there and only the owners were there. They showed us around the back where there was a box full of ice skates, and they gave us a shovel and said, "You might need this". They showed us where the pond was and sent us on our way. We got to the pond and it was covered in snow, so we spend 30 minutes shoveling our own ice rink! Haha! It was so awesome. Then we ice skated by ourselves, on a snow-covered pond, in the middle of the mountains that were right next to the pond. Ahh it was so fun! Then we went inside and the owners gave us hot chocolate and told us stories when they went to Zimbabwe. I'll have to tell you when we skype. They were insane.

Michelle is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!! It is insane. She is doing so well. I think there is a moment when every investigator that's getting baptized becomes a golden investigator. Last night we came over to teach and she was watching Book of Mormon videos on her TV and we were just like WHAT IS HAPPENING WE LERVE IT. She's like, "I've been watching these videos and videos with Thomas S. Monson too!" and I'm  like come over here I must hug ju I lerve ju.

We had the Christmas morningside on Saturday. We watched "It's a Wonderful Life", which I LOVE. Instead of asking what would have happened if we'd never been born, we asked ourselves what would have happened if we'd never gone on our missions. It was a great morning. The rest of the mission is down south and gets together in really large groups for the morningside, but since we are so secluded up here, we got together as a district at Elder and Sister Swain's house. The Swain's are the only senior missionary couple in the mission, and I love them so much. Bishop is the perfect place for them to be. And they're from Vernal! So I'll get to see them lots :) It was fun to have the 8 of us together to watch the movie and talk about our missions.

So last Sunday we had the Christmas devotional activity at the church, and some members invited their friends to come who weren't members. We talked to a family who is very 7th day Adventist Christians, and they invited us to come to their daughter's outdoor nativity performance at their church on Thursday. We were tentatively planning on it, but then we realized we had to teach Michelle at that same time. Right when we were going to go to Michelle's, she had to cancel, so we went to their activity instead. They were so happy we came! They said, "I'm actually really surprised you came, we didn't think you would! Hey what are you doing on Christmas for dinner, you should come over to our house." OK!!! So now we have a place to go for Christmas dinner! It should be fun. They are having an ugly sweater competition AND GUESS WHO'S GONNA WIN. We are going to the store today to buy brown felt. I am going to cut out a reindeer and it's going to be throwing up candy. I know. Winning.

Yesterday we went over to a member's house, Mitch and Angie. Mitch is a recent convert. They are probably the cutest and most hilarious people of all time. They always have the sister missionaries decorate their Christmas tree for them (Angie loves to cover it in pearls. She's awesome). It was so fun! After we decorated they were like "Hey do you want to decorate the outside too?" Lolz. Free labor. Gotta take advantage of it I guess. She was taking pics of us and she said, "Ok smile, like Jesus is coming tomorrow!!" Needless to say the pic turned out amazing.

Well it's crazy to think that this Friday is Christmas. This Christmas has obviously been a lot different than years past. There has been so much more giving and thinking about other people. There are so many people who have less than we do. We are all so so blessed. Christmas isn't about having stuff or getting presents, or even about giving presents to people, even though it's a great way to show our love for each other. Those gifts mean absolutely nothing in comparison to the incredible gift we've each been given by Jesus Christ. What if there was someone who knows you and understands you exactly because they went through everything you're going through, and then died for you so that you could live again? Well there is someone, and that's why we celebrate Christmas.

I'm in the middle of Isaiah chapters (AKA I have no idea what I'm reading) and every few verses the same thing keeps popping up when talking about Christ and the wickedness of the people "And His is had is stretched out still". No matter what we do or how bad we sin, He's always waiting to help us and bring us back.

Week 5: YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT?! eeeeeeeee!

Another week gone by. The days drag on and the weeks fly by. That saying could not be more true. I feel like yesterday it was Pday. Lots of things to tell ju.

Monday: Last Pday. The week before we found an investigator, Mary. She is an old lady who we met contacting who seemed promising but she couldn't remember her address and phone number. Lolz. So we were praying that we would find her again. We were shopping at the store and she was there!! We ambushed her with lerve and then we got her address and visited her that night! She lives in a trailer and is a bit of a hoarder. She has over 200 cook books in her house, and piles and PILES of books everywhere. It's amazing. She has given us tons of cool stuff so it's like Christmas every time we go over. Anyways. She's great!

Tuesday: We have sports night every Tuesday and Saturday night with the elders, investigators, and members. We always play basketball, and whattayaknow, I am horrible at it. Every time someone comes up to me when I have the ball I throw the ball and have a bloodcurdling scream. But I have been getting better!! Baby steps.

Wednesday: We spend the morning every week volunteering at city hall. It usually involves raking. It's a fun time. Our zone has a goal of finding 3 new investigators a week. We found 1 on Monday, but we needed to find 2 more. We were going to be gone for exchanges in Ridgecrest on Friday and Saturday so we were running out of time. We had 4 appointments that day, all of which fell through. We prayed that we'd be able to use our time meaningfully, and we started walking down the street from our appointment that fell through. Second person we talked to, new investigator.

The day before, we were on our way to an appointment and we had a plate of cookies. Our neighbor got out of his car as we were leaving and said, "are those for me?" We all loled and kept going. Turns out that appointment fell through, and we still had the cookies. Right before dinner I thought, 'we gotta give that man dose cookies.' We knocked on the door and he answered and said "Oh my gosh are you serious? Are those for me?" and in my head I was like 'THAT'S NOT THE ONLY THING WE HAVE FOR YOU!!' We started talking and he said that he's a baptist but he's always been interested in reading the Book of Mormon! WHAT?! Are you kitten me right meow. 3rd investigator. The Lord knows.

I have a problem. We'll be tracting and we'll knock into a house where the person is NOT intesterested whatsoever. Typically it will be a comment like "I keep telling you people, TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST!" and in my head I'm like 'You can't be taken off the Lord's list ma'am'. And we leave the house and I'm giggling and grinning like an idiot.

Friday: We had exchanges in Ridgecrest, about 2 hours away. It was so much fun! I was companions with Sister Bryan, who is in the Gundersen's ward and knows Shelby!! We had a blast. We ran into this house that is COVERED in Wizard of oz stuff. Like there are mannequins all over the roof and yard. It's kind of terrifying and creepy. But beautiful in a way.

Saturday: The elders had a baptism!! I played the piano for it which was fun. Sister Wheeler and I had a "missionary moment" where we spoke and taught the restoration. Good thing I always go red. My neck was TOMATO red and everyone was looking down cuz they felt so awkward for me. And then after Elder Pacheco came up to me and said, "Sister Harmon, are you ok?? Your neck was SO RED!!!!" Thank you elder.

Sunday: Oh my GOSH!!!!! Our investigator Michelle came to church again with her 2 kids. She wants to be baptized but wanted to get baptized on Feb 24 for sentimental reasons. Sister Wheeler and I REALLY wanted to give a baptism as a gift to the Savior this year. We were praying all week and fasting that she would have her heart softened, and as it turned out, we weren't able to see her at all. So we were freaking out. Right after the elders confirmed their investigator in church, Michelle leans over to me and whispers, "How soon can I be baptized?" and I was like "GET CHANGED LETS DO THIS!!!!" I was so pumped!!!! She and her 2 kids are getting baptized the day after Christmas!!!!!!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

That night we had a Christmas ward activity where we tried to invite nonmembers and less-actives. It turned out pretty good! They asked me to be the MC because they knew I could beat box. It was lots of fun. I didn't beat box. Just spiritual beat boxing.

Anyways k I'm done. Love you all!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

MTC pics:

First time tracting in Bakersfield with Sister Loar!

At the baptism and at the Christmas activity.!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Week 4: IN LERRRRVE!!!


Ok so the other missionaries are emailing to and they are talking and DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THIS IS THE HOLY HOUR OF SILENCE?!!??

Ok so remember how last week I sent the most depressing email of all time? So sorry. But the good news is this week was so so much better!!

I am adjusting to Bishop which is good. And I am warm from all my clothes mom sent me :) AND it's not so freezing anymore!!! Seriously such a blessing. And it's been sunny every day. God is good.

On Pday Sister Wheeler and I went up to the mountains and tried to go hiking, but the roads were closed. We did walk on a half-frozen lake which was so fun and totally safe! Lolz. As we were driving we saw this tree that was covered in ice! In the middle of the desert! There was a pipe that broke and covered in it ice, but it that was probably the only frozen tree that exists in California.

Later that night we had FHE with our investigator, Chris, and his next door neighbor named Sister Schuman, who is a member. Chris has been investigating the church for foreeeevverrrr, so we've been really working with him to make progress. It's hard to teach because Chris and Sister Schuman are chatty cathy's and it's hard to get a word in!! It ended up being a suuper great lesson and he really felt the spirit and we made some good progress. This week we are going to commit him to baptism again.

The elders were teaching this guy about the Book of Mormon and he was like "So I was reading about Lehi and how he had this crazy dream, and I thought whoa, I wanna have that dream too! So I did a huge riff. Lehi must of have been high, man." And the elders were like actually he had FAITH and then he PRAYED and had the dream. The investigator was like "ohhh.. that makes sense." LOLZ.

Christmas time in the mission field is so different than being at home. Instead of thinking of what I want for Christmas, I've been trying to focus on what I can give the Savior this Christmas. Because if you haven't noticed he already gave us the greatest gift possible which is ETERNAL LIFE AND THE ATONEMENT. Sister Wheeler and I are giving the Savior a baptism for Christmas this year. What are you going to give the Savior for Christmas? Think about it and then do it. And then tell me about it. hehe.

Our investigator Michelle CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY WITH HER CHILDREN!!!!!!! We died. She is literally a miracle she hasn't been taught in a month and then we went over to her house last week (her schedule is crazy) and she was like "I want to be baptized. I love the Lord and want to show him I love him" and I was like GET CHANGED LETS DO THIS. And then she came to church. Ugh it was so great. She is so ready to be baptized. She wants to be baptized on Feb 24th (sentimental reasons) but little does she know she is getting baptized on December 26. We are working on it. Lolz. But she is seriously so so great. Yesterday was stake conference and it was being broadcast from Ridgecrest, and whaddayaknow, the whole broadcast went out for an hour and we all sat there waiting awkwardly. OF COURSE the one Sunday our investigator comes to church. But she is going to keep coming so it's all good.

We had another lesson with one of our other investigators, Crystal, this week. We thought we were going to drop her but when we came for the lesson she was there with her kids and her mom which never happens!!! (she usually just doesn't come) It was so awesome. And a blessing.

Ok so there is a thousand things to write and I don't want to annoy you with a 10 page letter.

This week we went over to a potentials to set up a lesson and I said "can I share a scripture before we go?" and I read on accident this scripture "Repent ye and be baptized" In alma. HAHAHAHAHAH it was so funny. After I read it I was like "ya know I just love that scripture..." I'm still laughing about it.

On Friday we had zone meeting in Lone Pine, another random town that happens to be touristy. It was suuch a good meeting and we made lots of goals. One of them is a covenant list. If you want special blessings, you have to make special sacrifices. We want 3 new investigators every week, so we are each going to make special sacrifices, start doing things, and stop doing things, so we can reach that goal.

This week I was reading a lot about mercy and justice. God is a just God that HAS to follow laws or else he would cease to be God. Jesus is the ONLY way that we can come back to Heaven because no unclean can dwell with God. He has already suffered for our sins and afflictions- He isn't waiting until we sin to suffer for it- He already did a long time ago. It would be so stupid of us to not take advantage of that and use the Atonement to help us be forgiven and to help us change. Food for thought.

I'll send pictures in a little bit but I love you all and hope you are doing well. Good luck with finals and remember C's get degreees!!!!!