Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 42: Transfers

September 19, 2016

What a crazy, emotional week. MY WORDDDD.

I am thankful for the many gifts I've been given. One of them being harassing people. LEMME EXPLAIN. 

I'm so sorry I'm giving yall a play-by-play on my sad life. Lolz. 

So President Layton is doing transfers totally different. Normally, we'd get a call on Thursday or Friday, and we would know if we were leaving, where we were going, our assignment, and who our comp is. Well President aint gon do dat no mo. We don't get a call until Saturday night or Sunday morning, and all we know is if we are staying or going, and then we find out all the other deets at transfer meeting. LITERALLY WHY DOE. Pure torture. 

BUT. For the past transfer I have bothered- that's the nice way of saying it- my district leader and zone leader to no end and told them if they know ANYTHING, they have to tell me. 2 weeks ago, my district leader called and said, "Sister Harmon pack your bags". and I was in complete denial. Then on Thursday night, we went to a Relief Society activity. It was called, "Favorite Things night", so I brought a glass bowl and told everyone how I dunk my face in ice water 3 times every morning and then dump it on my head. I'm such a freak. THE BENEFITS ARE INDISPUTABLE. Right after, my zone leaders called me and told me they found out for sure; I'm getting transferred. TEARS CITY BEYOND BELIEF. The next day Sister Hayes were punished with food poisoning. Haha!! 

So for 2 days I was pretty upset about everything, and then the Lord chastened me. The mission is reading the Book of Mormon in 65 days, and I was reading about Nephi and his RETARDED brothers who are tryin' to kill him. Then he's tied up on a boat and they are on the verge of sinking. And all Nephi has to say about it is, "Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions." 

OK I GET IT. I had a huge change of heart. I don't get to decide where I serve the entire time- and not even President does- GOD DOES.  Ugh I struggle. Once I realized that, everything has been way easier. I hardly cried saying goodbye to everybody the past few days. It's been great. I feel like I am ready to go and serve in another area. It's been 9 months in Stockdale!! It's been such an incredible blessing to be here this long. There are certain people that I am so so happy that I got to stay and watch progress, be baptized, and become. The Lord called me to Bakersfield on purpose- if I couldn't come back and visit all the time I would probably die. I've already planned like 10 Disneyland trips with 10 different people, haha! 

Yesterday we had a lesson with this investigator that a member invited to come to church, and that was all it took. She's been coming, and she's already in MOSIAH.  She is amazing. Then there was a party with the ward council and the 48 new people that moved into the ward. What an awesome way to end the week right before I peace outta here. 

Missionary work is the same no matter where you go. So it'll be all good.

Sister Harmon

Week 41: My Life Is a Gift; My Life Has a Plan

September 12, 2016


Well to start, this morning Sister Hayes and I played tennis with PRESIDENT AND SISTER LAYTON. Oh. My. GOODNESS. It was the best morning of my life. I decided I really wanted to chill with them both, so this week we texted Sister Layton and we were like, "Sister Layton, we love you and we want to spend time with you. Wanna do something on Pday?" And she was like, "Do you like tennis?" OH DO WE LIKE TENNIS. Yas. So then at zone meeting they were there and President was like, "So, you got game?" 
Me: "Oh President, do we have game." 
President: "State champions?"
Me: *flips hair back* "More like national champions."

Good thing I talked myself up wayyyy too much! We had so much fun. 

This week someone called the cops on us. LOLZ. We were spreading the good word, lookin good too, and then all of a sudden WEEOO the po po drives up. I was like, "Hello! Can we help you?" and this cop looked NOT HAPPY and he's like, "I'm here for YOU!" Sister Hayes almost melted from fear, and for some reason I am grinning like an idiot because WE ARE LITERALLY ANGELS AND INNOCENT. He's like, "I just got a call that you've been harassing children." HAHAHA oh my stars that's exactly what we've been doing! (Not.) I told him we talked to a teenager about God and that was basically it, so he let us go and we got into our car. 

We flipped around and then he pulled us over again! He's like "Stay in your cars I wanna talk to you again!!" We were like didn't we just do this? Then he comes over and says that there are 6 cop cars on their way and I'm like YAS dinner and a show. All this stuff went down and then a few minutes later he was like, "Ok listen, the lady who called the cops on you was watching in her car and now she's gone. I've got mormon cousins so I know what you girls are doing. Can we take a selfie before I go?" um YAS YOU CAN. It was awesome!!!!! 

Yesterday I hit 10 months. What is life. 

OH MY GOODNESS Sister Hayes cracks me up. She was trying to make rice and she grabs a spoon and is like, "So is this a tablespoon?" HAHAHA I was crying. 

Yesterday at church they had me sing, "I know that my Reedemer lives" in Sacrament. Haven't done that in sooo long! Good times. 

OH MY STARS. We went to Weinerschnitzel Saturday night after a baptism because Sista Hayes got herself a lil sweet tooth yknowwudahmsayin. We went through the drivethrough and the guy was so funny and nice and he asked us what we were doing that night. 
"Well we just went to a baptism so we are getting ice cream to turn up!" 
"Wait what church are you guys?" *** sly grin**

Basically we taught him the restoration in 30 seconds, gave him a Book of Mormon and pamphlet and he's like "I'll see ya at church tomorrow!" HAHA! Then we drove away and an employee runs out and she's like, "Hey my friend is so shy, can he have your number?" And we were like, "Uhhhh funny story we are actually like nuns for a year and a half-- come to church!! Sorry!" LOL!!

I have the BEST zone leaders, district leader, and assistants. We are such buds and it is the sweetest association to be friends with other missionaries. It's awesome. 

This week we were praying for the members to bring the people to US. Then on Saturday we got a voicemail from a lady in the ward saying, "Hi Sisters! My son has been bringing his friend to church for 3 weeks and she just finished 2 Nephi and would like to have the discussions." GOD IS GOOD!!!!


Sister Harmon

Week 40: What's Good?

September 5, 2016


Alright a few things to mention. 

On Monday we went to see this investigator. He got into anti- Mormon CRAP and we said that we would be more than happy to answer. Well 3 hours later and 20 WASTED TREES OF FALSE INFORMATION, he said he didn't get any answers to his questions. It was a bummer for him. We left the appointment and I was feeling great- my testimony was strengthened and I knew the truth so I could move on and keep doing me. What makes me sad is that he doesn't feel that way. He still has a thousand questions and isn't on the path to finding them. You will never know truth if you go in doubting. 

So yesterday it was 90 degrees and both Sister Hayes and I were like, "We need jackets and Ugg boots!!!" We have turned into weird creatures. 

FAMILY HISTORY WORK IS AMAZING. I repeat, FAMILY HISTORY WORK IS AMAZING. A recent convert in the ward named Earlene. Ahh Earlene. I love her. We had a lesson about the temple and family history work, and last week she came over to a ward members house and we helped her set up her family tree, and she found her great- gramma that she never knew about! I have literally never cared about family history work until my mission, when I realized that there are people chillin on the other side who want to be baptized too!!! WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY SO QUIT SHIRKIN AND START WORKIN. 

We went on exchanges to Oildale. All you need to know about Oildale is some people may call it the ghetto. It's awesome. We were walking down the street and there was a lady with a ton of kids and dogs in her front yard. We started talking to her and she told us that her husband is super abusive and he just got put in jail for stalking her, and so she is leaving California in 2 days so she can go into a hiding program for women and children. Can you just take 2 seconds and imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes? Now look at your own life. WE ARE SO BLESSED. I literally have no idea what we each did to deserve so many blessings and wonderful lives. We can't be selfish- we need to help other people out. 

I read 3 Ne 18:15 this morning and it says, 
"Ye must watch and pray always, lest ye be tempted by the devil, and ye be led away captive by him."
The commitment you made to follow Jesus Christ is a lifelong one. It's gonna require determination, diligence, hard work, grit, repentance, and faith. It's not a one and done thing. Thanks to my AMAZING YSA bishop last year, I have realized that our private religious practices are the most important thing any of us can do to help us stay on the path and ultimately reach our goal- celestial glory and ultimate happiness. DO NOT GET CASUAL. The minute you get casual is the minute that Satan gon get you and take you to your own personal hell. Seriously.

Sister Harmon

Week 39: Best Week Ever

August 29, 2016

Ok so 3 thousand 4 hundred and 72 awesome things happened.

The cake cake cake cake- KAYLA got baptized!!!! Seriously this was such a beautiful day and baptism. 6 months, ago, we felt inspired to knock on her door. We kept going back for 2-3 months and then finally she let us in. And now she is getting baptized!! She was seriously BEAMING and all smiles after she got baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so special to watch. Her husband came to her baptism and to church on Sunday, and on Sunday all the talks were EXACTLY what they both needed to hear. Thankfully, their 3 year-old Kourtney is like my bff and she came and sat by me and I whispered sweet nothings into her ear for an hour so she would stay quiet. Lolz. I love that family so much. I can't wait until they get sealed into the temple and get to be an ETERNAL FAMILY.

This week was a musical week. I was able to sing How Great Thou Art at Zone conference and at Kayla's baptism. 

A lot of thoughts are goin through my mind. There is no greater joy than mission life. It's really fun to watch people change and get excited about the gospel. The scriptures are great, the church is true, and the book is BLUE. 

OH MY GOSH EVERYONE I HAVE HUGE NEWS. At zone conference AFTER NINE MONTHS OF HARD WORK, BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS, I WON THE GOLDEN PLUNGER AWARD. for those of you who are not aware of what that is, it means our apartment is the cleanest. From slob to sparkling clean, I am a new woman. I testify to you. 

alright byeeeee!
Sister Harmon

Week 38: It is Monday, My Dudes

August 22, 2016

Two nights ago I had a dream that Mitt Romney came to our ward. He walked in and everyone stood up like he was an apostle and I looked closer and he was dressed like a rabbi. I was so pumped that I was finally gonna be able to meet Mitt, and then we had to leave. Next time.

This week we were LED. By the spirit of God. Lately I have a habit of saying "I testify to you" over everything. I was bearing my testimony of taking pre-natal vitamins and biotin to grow healthier hair to our investigator THAT'S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS FRIDAY 7PM MARK YOUR CALENDARS LADIES AND BRETHREN and I was like "Kayla I testify to you that this works." lolz. We have so much fun. 


It's amazing watching her conversion. She is like obsessed with the Book of Mormon. It's amazing. We came over one time for a lesson a couple weeks ago and literally FOR 2 HOURS she just could not stop talking about how happy she is and how she loves reading the Book of Mormon and can't put it down and at the end we were like well let's just say a closing prayer! Amazing. 

Kkkkk so on Wednesday cool story bro. We had a lesson with our investigator Danny. Love that man. Afterward we needed some agua and I was thinking about who lived in the neighborhood and the thought " Go see the Vaughns" came into my head like A TON OF BRICKS. So we went over there and lo and behold, a part member was there that we have been trying to meet foreeeevvvss. It was awesome. THEN we were leaving and we were gonna go see a referral but both of us were like whoooaaaaa we both feel like it doesn't feel right, so we decided to make our way across our area to see another person and just feel things out. As we were driving on Renfro, we were about to pass a street called Kathleen, where a former investigator lives. The wheel was literally turning for me the impression was so strong. We went over there and the husband answered who wasn't really interested before. We started talking and he was like "yeah I actually have a ton of questions" and we were like GOOD SIR DO ASK AWAY and we talked and talked and then he ASKED FOR A BOOK OF MORMON and we are going back in a couple days. Seriously so so awesome. Lerve der gersperl. 

Yesterday at church right before sacrament the high councilman was like "Sister Harmon would you bear your testimony about the New Testament?" I was like are you asking me this because I HARDLY READ IT?! It was awesome though, it made me realize that we need to be reading both scripture because we believe in both scripture to be true. I am still making my way through the Old Testament heyyoo. 

Ok SO YOU ATE A MEAL WITH MY WARD MISSION LEADER AND BISHOP?! We had dinner with the bishop and Aliya last night and we were literally rolling on the floor giggling because we were having so much fun. Love them so much! 

Kkkkk well we are outttt peace and blessings keep it real.
Sister Harmon

Week 38: My Peepsie Boos

August 15, 2016

I felt like this week was a year.  Holy cow.

Ok. Confession session. I would rather be sick than have a sick companion. There I said it. Or I wish there was netflix HOLY COW!!! It's ok though, this week we got permission to take one of the trio comps right next door to come out with me. Another beautiful Asian, Sister Kuang, from Taiwan. Oh my goodness I love her so much. We have always wanted to be comps and we had SO MUCH FUN IT WAS RIDICULOUS. 

I'll share a couple cool beans moments. 

I got to watch my companion get an MRI this morning. It was a magical experience. 

I hit my half-way mark. It feels like I just got here but it feels like I will die with a name tag on. There is no beginning. There is no end. Thank you for the awesome package especially the beach towel to remind me THAT I STILL CAN'T GO SWIMMING!!! ;)

So there is a set of sisters (the trio) that lives in the same complex as us. On Monday night we were at our apartment and I decided to go over to their apartment and ask them about something, I can't remember what. We walk out there and I go around the corner and I see Sister Kuang had just walked out the door. She looked at me and she started crying. I was like MAY-DAY MAY-DAY OPERATION STOP THE TEARS. There were 4 of us kind of surrounding her and she wasn't really talking, so I asked her if she wanted to go on a walk with me and talk. She said yes. After a few minutes of us walking she said that she was going through a really hard time, and she prayed and asked God to send Sister Harmon to their apartment, and then she walked outside. I KNOW. I was like whoooaaaaaaa, I had no idea. It was so cool.

2 other stories like that. 

We got a referral from the bishop of a woman in the ward who had her records removed 10 years ago but wanted to change her life. We called the next day to make an appointment with her. When we went over to her house, and we were talking with her and her parents (she lives with them and I know them really well). It was a really really emotional and spiritual experience. As we were talking she said, "So yesterday I was really struggling. I was praying and praying for God to help me and give me something to help me, and as soon as I got off the phone, you called." Yeah. Crazy. 

We FINALLY got to meet with this golden investigator we found. We had an appointment with him for Friday at 4, and at 3:15 that day, I randomly was like hmm gonna call Danny just to make sure we are good for 4. When we came over to his house, he told us that he had been praying and asking God that he could get an answer to know if this was true, and right when he ended his prayer he got our call. Seriously sooo crazy!! The biggest takeaway is not that i am a psychic, but that sometimes we get promptings to do something and we don't think much of it, but DO THEM ANYWAYS. You never know who's prayer you are going to answer. The other cool thing is that God will use us as his instruments if we let him and we are worthy. So do what's right and don't be retarded!!! That's all I have to say. 

Aight. peace and blessings.  
Sister Harmon

Week 37: Halfway this Week; What is Happening?!

The most eventful week of my mission!!! I got to discover every nook and cranny of my apartment, all day, every day!! Lolz.

Sister Hayes is really sick. They think she has valley fever, poor thing. So we will find out tomorrow what's happening with my sick child and the sisters that live right by us are a trio and one of the sisters will be my temporary companion until little Hayes starts to feel better. Here are some of the highlights from the week nonetheless.

I'm literally growing a horse tail, my hair is so long it's insane. #blessings

Yesterday during testimony meeting I kinda felt like I should get up and bear my testimony. Then our adorable little recent-convert Veronica said, "I kinda want to go up there." It was Heavenly Father telling me I needed to get up. So we both went up together. It was so sweet to watch her bear her testimony. 

Um so I also have a testimony of TELLING THE TRUTH. This week I saw an instance where one lie turned into a thousand lies and now that person is in a serious conundrum. They either tell the truth and go to jail or live with guilt. NOT A WAY TO LIVE. It reminded me of President Monson's talk from conference, "Choices."  
"It has been said that the door of history turns on small hinges, and so do people's lives. The choices we make determine our destiny.... May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." It is so true. It's always easier and better in the end to tell the truth and make that hard choice. We are always better off for it anyways. 

OH MY GOODNESS. We were getting a CT scan for Sister Hayes this week, and we sat down next to this old couple and said hi and the lady was like "Oh my goodness your complexion is amazing!!!" And then her husband was like "You are glowing!!" And we told them we were missionaries and they were like "well it makes sense that you have that glow because you have the Lord in your heart." And then as they were scootin away the cute old man turned around and said, "Keep glowing!" I KNOW RIGHT. 


For the past 7 1/2 months, I have been so open about the fact that I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE STOCKDALE. The assistants and us are good friends and they called us on Thursday and for 10 minutes they were telling me I was training somewhere else. I literally could not believe it. I HAVE BEEN PRAYING AND FASTING ALL TRANSFER THAT I COULD STAY. And then they said just kidding. I'M STAYING ANOTHER TRANSFER!!! I will have spent 9 months in this area by the end of next transfer!! I am so happy. 

So on Thursday I hit my hump day. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. I remember my first week bawling every day thinking "I am literally crazy for signing up for this what is my problem?!?!?!" And now I'm like sweeeeeeeet. I am happy I have 9 more months to try and get myself together and be the person I want to be. 

Out of all the fun things I have done in my life, the mission is the one thing I am most happy I have done. It has changed me and helped me in so many aspects, but most of all my testimony. I HAVE A HUGE TESTIMONY and I can't wait to keep growing it the rest of my life. 

Sister Harmon

Week 36 - Family!

Oh my gosh the church is true.

Miracles on miracles. 


Kayla. The part member family. On Tuesday we had a lesson with them. We knocked and guess who answered? Her husband Josh, the member! He is usually never home and he was so nice and invited us in! We chatted for a good bit (oh my gosh it was so funny, it got brought up that I worked at Disney World and Kayla was like, "Oh my gosh, it all makes sense!" hahaha!!) and then we showed the Restoration video. Josh left as soon as it started, and then his blessed 2 year old daughter went and pulled him back in and he sat and watched it! He was like, "Hey I've seen this before". And we were all innocent and were like "really??" After we started asking Josh how he gained a testimony when he got baptized 10 years ago. He started talking and said that he always felt it was true and that there were just some things that had happened that made him leave. We waited and then were like, "Do you wanna tell us?" haha. Kayla was like, "he won't even tell me!!" But we kept talking and then out of the blue he was like ok I'll tell you! And just totally opened up!!! We committed him to pray about coming to church this Sunday and then as we were leaving he said, "I don't know why I opened up, I just felt super comfortable telling you guys." EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! 

This family is seriously so special to me. 6 months ago, we were in the area and decided to knock "one more door". It was their door. They were not on the records of the ward at all. After 3 months of going over every so often and stopping by, we finally started teaching them. The dream was to have them all come to church together as a happy family. Well guess what happened yesterday at church. THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH TOGETHER. We had a whole row taken at church. I was so happy I wanted to scream. Their daughter, Brianna, went to girls camp, and that Sunday in sacrament meeting the girls got up and shared their experiences from camp. It was amazing. Brianna told one of the girls at camp that she really wants to get baptized. I have passed out multiple times this week.

Second miracle and then I'm done cuz my hands hurt typing. 

On Tuesday the STL's asked to do a mini exchange with us for 2 hours. I was with Sister Wheeler, my trainer. It's so fun having her close all the time! The day before Sister Wheeler's gramma had said she had a lady she knew in Bakersfield and wanted her to go see her. Turns out she was in our area! We went there first with no answer. We knocked a couple doors, and then I looked at our plans. I had already tracted this street before so I was like ehhhh lets get outta here yknow, but I looked at the plans in my planner and they just looked like chopped liver to me. I felt like we should stay. So we kept knockin. We knocked into this really nice man's house. I asked him how his day was going, and he said that his cat had died and it was really hard for him. He grew up an orphan, no siblings, no spouse, no kids, and he had that cat for 19 years. he found it in the trash can :( Sister Wheeler randomly said, "Well we know that even our pets will be resurrected and we will be able to see them and live with them again." He started bawling. He had been praying for a week asking if he was ever going to see his cat again and then we show up at his door. We told him it was not a coincidence, and we talked with him and taught him for an hour. IT. WAS. AMAZING. We were all weeping at the end. He gave the sweetest prayer too. I love investigator prayers. THEY ARE THE BEST. 

District meetings are seriously my fav. After our meeting we inevitably have a made up rap battle and play the piano. What is life. We have a very diverse district. We have a Puerto Rican, a Polynesian, a Kazakh (Sister Hayes was adopted from Kazakhstan. Did I tell you that?), and then a woman of color, me. And two white elders. It's a lot of fun. 


Sister Harmon