Monday, November 30, 2015


MY FAMBALY!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh I am so happy to be emailing you right now. I've been looking forward to it for dayzzz. 

So so so so much has happened this week. They say that you experience the highest highs and the lowest lows. AND AIN'T THAT THE FREAKING TRUTH.

So I left the MTC on Monday. What a sad day. I actually really LOVED the MTC. I was so surprised. I learned so much and had a great time, so it was kinda sad to go. But not that sad because I was gettin outta dat cold weather. There were 14 other missionaries flying to Bakersfield. We landed and walked off the plane to the runway. It was 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and I thought "I HAVE ARRIVED IN THE PROMISED LAND". We met President and Sister Wilson who I love so dearly. They remind me so much of you mom and dad. They kinda look like you too. 

We had missionary orientation stuff and then we went out tracting with the Sister training leaders for an hour. It was fun! Then we spent the night with the Davis couple, who are members. They have an orange tree in their backyard, and the next morning Sister Davis made legit freshly-squeezed orange juiced, and I did indeed cry as I drank of that goodness. Then we went back to the church for transfer meeting. 

All the new missionaries came into the chapel with President as all the other missionaries were singing "Called to Serve". And whaddayaknow, I started crying. All the missionaries leaving bore their testimonies and it was literally so hot in there because I was feeling that missionary fire. Then they got to the transfer business. After a long wait I heard, "And serving in Bishop, Sister Harmon will be training with Sister Wheeler". AND MY HEART SANK. I wanted to cry. Of all places in the entire mission, I was going to serve in the coldest place WHERE IT SNOWS and there are only one set of sisters up there. The odds were so slim. And yet they were in my favor. 

I asked to go to the bathroom and I just cried like a baby. I know I sound pathetic, but it totally crushed my spirits completely. We left Bakersfield at about 1:00 and got to Bishop at 9:00 that night. 

A little bit about Bishop: 
Population: 3,750. There is no Walmart here. The only stores are Vons, Smart and Final, and Kmart. 
The Ward: There are 300 members, and less than 40 are active. We got some work to do. 
The scenery: We have an amazing view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It is insanely breathtaking, I admit. 

The next few days were up and down. I was really struggling with accepting the fact that I got transferred to the boonies of the mission in a po-dunk town in the middle of nowhere where it's freezing cold. I broke down bawling the second day I was there. On Saturday I was really struggling with everything. I called the STL's and they said I should get a blessing. I called the Elder's and they gave me a blessing and it was so beautiful and comforting. Elder Thunhorst is this 18 year old kid, but he is a worthy priesthood holder who is so mature and amazing. After the blessing I felt so much better. Even though it's not easy, I feel so much better. 

This week we visited a lot of potentials, less-actives, and members. It's so humbling being here- mostly everywhere we go there are trailer parks, and the people who live in them are so kind. This week we visited a recent convert named Bob Shae. We read the Book of Mormon with him every Wednesday and Saturday. He is so awesome. We read outside of his trailer. He has such great faith. His personal life is soooo hard and yet he is so converted and lives his religion like it's nobody's business. And he always gives the sisters cactus cooler drinks every time. Lolz. 

We visited a potential named Rich Butterfield. He is a BIG tall man in his 60's with a burly beard. So basically Hagrid. He came out and we started talking about the Book of Mormon and God and he says, "Yeah, I've seen God. I saw him... and then he vaporized... He was wearing like a cheese cloth typa clothing... I know how to dive.... Do I still have to get baptized?" I am still laughing about that one. 

On Sunday I was asked to give a talk as well as the other new Elder, Elder Pacheco. OH, ok so there are 3 sets of missionaries in the ward- elders, sisters, and a senior missionary couple. We spent Thanksgiving at their house with some members and investigators. 
Anyways, Sunday. After Sacrament, Sister Wheeler and I were asked to teach Primary and Gospel Principles. We taught Gospel Principles to Bob Shae on the Atonement. He is AMAZING. After everything we said he says, "I believe that happened!! And I think about it all the time! I know Jesus did all that for us!" And in my head I'm thinking you go Glen Coco!! He is such a stud!! 

After Gospel Princples we found out that it was the combined 5th Sunday, and that Sister Wheeler and I were the teachers! Lolz. The lesson went well thankfully. Does all that count as proselyting? Lolz. 

Thank you SO MUCH FOR MY PACKAGE!!! It was so well-timed and I am so so happy I have warm clothes now!!! It means so much to me to have a family that supports me and loves me. I love you guys so much. 

After my first week in the field, I have learned a lot so far. My goal is to be bold and invite everyone to come unto Christ so that I leave with no regrets. 
Well I reread this letter and it sounds so sad and sucky. But there have been some good moments too. There is a family that's all getting baptized in a couple weeks that the elders have been teaching. They are so strong and so awesome. Without asking, the dad asked all 4 of his sons one by one, "are you going to be baptized? Do you want to be baptized?" They are so great.

I have been playing the piano SO MUCH while I've been here. It's amazing!! I'm so excited to be forced to practice all the time now, lolz.

My biggest lesson I have learned this week is faith. If I want a miracle, I have to be obedient and be faithful. I was reading in Moroni today (finalllllly finishing the BOM again yas) and we talked all about how if we choose to have faith in Jesus Christ, he will bring about miracles that we seek. I know it's true, and that's my goal this week- have unwavering faith. If I work hard, invite others, and be obedient and do all I can, then I can leave the hard stuff up to God and he can give me the miracles that my companion and I seek in Bishop. 

I have no time but I love you all so much and hope you are all fat from Thanksgiving cuz I'm not!! (sarcasm... my diet starts today)

This is me and Sister Krause in the MTC. She's going to NYC what it do. We worked out together and did the triangle face at all times and in all things and in all places.

Bishop trailer parks for days

The mission logo! 

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey family!!

I'm so excited to write you this week. There is literally no time for freaking writing emails!!!!! It's such a joke. They're like "hey we really want you to write your families and share all your experiences, it's SUPER important. So you got 5 minutes. The church is true elders and sisters!!"

Man. Seriously what a week. So many things to tell ju about.

First off, I have probably seen 12-14 people I know at the MTC! It's been so fun to run into people and giggle and cry. I haven't cried. But at some point I will. Surprisingly I don't cry all the time which is good. I thought I'd be a mess.

I have been able to use my talents so much at the MTC! I play piano every day, and I am playing for sacrament and relief society again. ERMERGERSH GERS WHERT!! We got 2 new districts in our zone, and ONE OF THEM IS ASL ALSO KNOWN AS AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE. I am so so so excited. Me and Sister Pincock have been learning sign to talk to them and it's been a lot of fun. They are all really sweet. On Sunday I am going to play piano, Elder Bingham is going to sing Nearer my God to thee, and then one of the ASL members is going to sign the song. Ugh it's gonna be sick. Yesterday I saw a member of the branch presidency (we were waiting to go into a room to practice) and he says, "What are you elders and sisters waiting out here for?" and I was like "OH MY GOSH GUESS WHAT WE ARE DOING!!" I totally startled him. Lulz.

On that note, my 2 main teachers and branch presidency have been absolutely amazing. I was nervous I'd get stuck with some really sucky teachers but I have been amazed at their teaching and how much I've learned. I feel so lucky to have had them. #blessed

On Sunday we watched a devotional from Elder Bednar called "The Character of Christ". It was truly amazing. The biggest takeaway I got out of it was Christ always turns outward when we would usually turn inward. The moments when it's easy to be selfish and not help others are the moments when Christ would turn outwards.

We started teaching a real investigator in the TRC this week. K SERIOUSLY THOUGH IT'S BEEN FREAKING AMAZING. Her name is Kaylee and she's from Korea, and I am 99% sure she's a real investigator. We've taught her the first three lessons, and she's committed to baptism! But the biggest thing for me is literally I haven't taught a single thing- the spirit has. Last night we were supposed to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ, and there were some things going on that made it so I was having a really hard time feeling the spirit and feeling ready to teach. Right before we got into our lesson we prayed to invite the spirit and everything, and the lesson was literally amazing. Me and Sister Pincock were moist with wet faces by the end. It was awesome.

I am literally a freak at the MTC. I run out talking in 5 different accents and bugging the crap out of everyone. I'll go into the cafeteria and be like BEEDEEPBOPBOPEBOOP I HUNGEE!! And everyone's like who is this martian. I love my district though.

The best part of the MTC is how much the spirit is with me. I have grown SO MUCH while being here. I am so excited to go out and teach and I am not even nervous. I know I don't have it all down and that I still have so much to learn and do, but **eyes open wider and turn to the ceiling** I'm not the real teacher here.

EVERYONE SAYS I'M LESLIE KNOPE. I usually end up on the floor in tears every time.

Giggly moments
- I heard a story where a nun attacked a missionary. These are the last days.
- Sister Pincock and I were talking about how our investigator was saying to us how she likes a lot of different churches but she just doesn't know which one to join. Sister Pincock throws down her pen and says, "Boy do I have a story for you." I kid you not we were crying from laughing.

I don't know what else to tell you other than it's been great here. I thought I would be such a mess and just cry and miss everyone and hate it here. But I don't which is a huge bonus. I leave Monday morning for Bakersfield and I'm so excited YASSSS.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey everyone! I hope you guys are all doing great. I hope you aren't too sad still. I miss you guys but it's good that I'm here.

So we said goodbye and I walked through the doors and the INSANITY BEGAN. I got my name tag and put it on and I was like oooo I'm a seeester now! And then I got some packet stuff and then the host sister took me to my residence hall to drop my stuff off. The room has 6 beds in it and so far I was the first to drop everything off. She took me to my classroom and I met my beloved companion, Sister Pincock. She's literally the nicest person on the planet, and I'm not just saying that. She is so nice, caring, excited to learn, and she laughs at my jokes which is huge cuz they're usually dumb. I totally thought I was going to have a companion like the german companion on the movie "Sisters in Zion", so I am THRILLED to have a companion that's pumped to be here.

We were supposed to be in a trio and the other sister never came, which is too bad. We are actually the only sisters in our district, and our zone, so guess who is the new sister training leader?!?!?!??!? Lolz. We'll get more sisters this Wednesday so that will be good. For Relief Society this Sunday it will be just me and my comp and then branch presidency sisters. Lolz. But those ladies are super awesome and fun so it will be great.

The Elders are.... young. Every time the inevitable question of "how old are you" gets brought up within our district, zone, or meeting other elders, they all just kind of give me this look when I say I graduated in 2011 or I'm 22. It's kind of funny. This elder in my district started talking about girls and said, "Ya know, I just really like my white girls" and I was like, "So elder how do you feel your mission is going so far?" So far Sis Pincock and I have been given the name "Sisters from the hood" because of both our swag and swerve.

On our first night we had a ton of missionaries come together and we all acted as one large companionship and tried to answer this investigator's questions. It was a disaster on our part because everyone's answers were all over the place, but it was a really good learning experience. The pattern I learned is you need to ask questions, LISTEN, teach, and testify. Das it. There was one point when this investigator had made a comment and an elder grabbed the mic and said, "oh my gosh I have a funny story that totally goes with that" and then he shared the story and then we heard crickets as we waited for the reason he shared that story. And there was none.

In our district there is 1 comp of sisters (us), 1 comp of elders, and 1 trio. On our first night we were all leaving to follow the zone leaders down the stairs to go on a tour of the MTC, and one of the elders in the trio all of a sudden went missing. They found him at McDonalds with all his luggage, I kid you not. So now we have 6 people in our district. Kinda crazy. But people have their agency, and I'm happy that all the everyone in our district is happy to be there.

I actually really like my district. Everyone has opened up a lot more and we are all pretty good friends.We got really lucky and have some really great teachers who really care. I've been learning a lot even in the past 2 days.

ERMERGERSH THERE IS A SPECIAL ROOM FOR PEOPLE WITH FOOD ALLERGIES I CAN'T EVEN. It is amazing. Not only do they have refrigerated food in there but they also have hot meals that don't have anything in them. It's amazing. The foods not that bad, but then again I'm only here 12 days.

Mom, I really regret not playing piano. I regret even more saying I play the piano because now I'm playing the piano for sacrament. So hopefully I don't botch that up!

Yesterday was great. We had gym time and there are 2 gyms- one with courts and a track and then the fitness center with weights. I found another sister who really wanted to do weights too so we went on splits and worked out together. Ugh it was so much fun. And then we all played lightning on the court and I am embarrassed at how much fun I had. On Sunday we are going on a Sunday walk to the Provo temple and I'm like OH MY GOSH SUNDAY WALK FREE TIME YAS!! It's hilarious how I am literally so excited about going on a walk. I love the MTC though. The schedule is super great and super busy, holy cow. And now my comp and I are in charge of more stuff cuz we are sister training leaders but it's good too! OH and she is going to Bakersfield too!! There are some other elders we found that are going to Bakersfield too but they aren't in our district. They are probably scared of me because when I found out they were going to Bakersfield I lost my head because I was so excited.

And I've already had dreams about being a missionary. I had a dream last night that I was doing Obama's laundry and then I realized I was breaking the rules because I didn't have a companion with me. Then I ran into some guy and he said, "Oh you're a missionary? What's your purpose?" And I said, "Well my purpose is to invite others to come"-- and then I woke up myself up because I was talking in my sleep.

Anyways I'm doing great, love you all and CTR!

Sister Harmon

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bakersfield, California

Well here I am. I get set apart as a full-time missionary tonight, and tomorrow I embark on the greatest adventure of my life. I can't believe this day is already here. I'll be serving in Bakersfield, California for the next 18 months and my brother will be updating this blog weekly. My addresses and email is listed on my picture above. 

As nervous and terrified as I am right now (because I won't lie, I am utterly terrified), I know it what's I'm supposed to do. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve other people in the most meaningful way, and I'm so excited for the wonderful experience that's ahead. I know that God is going to help me every step of the way, and I know that if I do all I can, He'll make up the difference.

Bakersfield here I come!!!