Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Savanna, Georgia

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am interning with The Color Run this summer; I’ll be working as an onsite sponsorship coordinator. Basically I work with the vendors and sponsors for that specific event and help out with putting together the event and all that fun stuff. I’ll be travelling throughout the summer to work at the events in different cities. I had my first race last weekend in Savanna, Georgia, and I just wanted to share about it before I leave for another race tomorrow.

            My race dates were from Thursday-Sunday, and it was nonstop craziness! Normally I would stay at a hotel with the rest of the crew and I would have a roommate. This race was unique because they rented a house and cottage in the middle of the city for the weekend for us to stay in! I really enjoyed it. The house and cottage were both gorgeous and located in the cutest little neighborhood. The city of Savanna is an absolute dream. There’s so much history, beautiful architecture, and gorgeous weather. The race was at Forsyth Park, located in the historic district of Savanna. It’s a huge park that kind of reminds me of Central Park in NYC.

Not a very good picture... the house we stayed at.

The historic district is gorgeous. During the weekend I think I saw about 
8 weddings going on throughout the city. 

            My flight got in late on Thursday night, and on Friday morning we had a team meeting and split up to head to the park to set up and to Kohl’s for packet pick-up (where all the participants go to pick up their race packets). It was a busy day of setting up the venue and working with vendors and sponsors in preparation for the race the next day.

The gorgeous venue.

            The next morning I woke up at 4AM. I repeat, 4AM. Woof. We arrived super early to finish set up and get everything ready for the race to start on time. Watching everyone have such a blast at the race and at the concert after the race made all the hard work so worth it! I had to go on stage and take some pictures, and it was so much fun being on stage and watching how excited everyone was to see me up there! Hahaha totally kidding. But I decided that I want to DJ the next race. I already know how to beat box so you could say that I’m qualified.

            After the race was over and all the takedown was finished, we went back to the house where some of the guys were barbecuing. After dinner we split up and some of the group went bar hopping and some girls and I explored a bit of the city. It’s really interesting how there are opportunities to be a missionary in situations like these. Just because I said no thanks to a few glasses of wine and to not going bar hopping, people got really curious and started asking me questions. It’s refreshing being one of the only Mormons in a group of people- it reminds me of my Disney days.

Goofing off after a long day of working.

            Here is where the story gets really good so PUT ON EVERY SEATBELT YOU OWN PEOPLE.

            I got to bed at about 12:30 Saturday night because I had to do some work after we got back. I woke up at 3:45am the next morning to get to the airport. My flight was at 6:30 but the girl I was taking with me to the airport had a flight at 5:30. No biggie. I dropped her off, returned the rental car, and headed up to check some bags. There was a HUGE line because there was only one person doing all of baggage checking. I finally got through checking my bag and went through security up to my gate. There were no employees at the gate to be found, and we were supposed to be boarding fairly soon. All of a sudden I see the guy who was checking bags come running up the stairs to board everyone! I was worried he was gonna put on another hat and drive the plane too. We had to wait longer because of unexpected maintenance issues (don’t know if that’s comforting or terrifying). I was nervous because I had an hour in between flights and this was really cutting it close.

            When we landed in Houston I had ten minutes to spare. I was gonna make it! Then we heard an announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, although this is the most amazing invention in the world, it seems we can’t get close enough to the gate door.” WUT. Fiiiinally after about 7 minutes we got outta there. My gate was across the airport so I ran onto a train and ran to my gate. I turned the corner and saw that my gate door was still open and thought YAS I did it!! And then they shut the gate. 30 yards away. I was screaming like a crazy person, “KEEP THE GATE OPEN I’M COMING!!” but it slammed shut. I ran over to the airport employee and frantically asked her to open the gate and she said, “We called your name and you never came. We can’t open the gate.” to which I replied that I was late because I was in the SKY when they called my name. They looked at each other and said, “Oh… we didn’t know that.”

So if my other flight would have told them I was late they would have waited for me… and I missed it by 3 seconds. Cool. So I burst into tears and started bawling in the middle of the airport. Classy Jess, that’s me. I was so so so tired and I felt sick and I just wanted to go hooome. I ended up having to wait till 5:15 that evening for the next flight. During that time I managed to tell the whole saga to random people that would speak a word to me. Or I would just strike up conversation and insert the whole story in there. Those poor innocent people.

            I was on my connecting flight ready to go home. The plane took off so I texted Trevor (who was picking me up in SLC) saying we were leaving earth, when an old man behind me inserted his head in between the two seats and said to me, “You know, you and Hillary have a lot in common.” At this moment I was trying so hard to respect the elderly, and I said, “Who’s Hillary?” “Hillary Clinton.” “Alright, what do Hillary Clinton and I have in common?” “You both don’t like to follow the rules!” Old man burn. NICE.

            18 hours later and I made it off the plane and out of the airport lookin real good. Even though Sunday was a nightmare, I had soo much fun at my first and I can’t wait to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania tomorrow for round 2!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm back!

I’m back! After 9 months of being busy with work and school, it’s finally time for some fun. I can’t believe that a year has passed by since I started my Disney College Program- it feels like yesterday! After a lot of thought, I decided not to repeat my summer and do the program again; it’s time for different adventures. This summer I’ll be interning with The Color Run (the happiest 5k on the planet). I’ll be working as an onsite sponsorship coordinator. Basically I work with the vendors and sponsors for that specific event and help out with putting together the event and all that fun stuff. I’ll be travelling throughout the summer to work at the events in different cities. I am super excited!

Before I document my trips, I want to document my first summer adventure with my cute lil boo. After school ended, Matt and I took a trip to California! Oh my goodness, we had a blast. Here’s a little run down of our trippy trip trip.

We stayed with my Aunt Bo who lives in Temple City, 30 minutes away from Disneyland. It could not have been more perfect! Aunt Bo is the sweetest and totally took care of us during out stay. We drove to California and visited the Santa Monica Pier just in time for the sunset (I’d never been there. It was gorgeous but freezing cold, so instead of riding the ferris wheel, we played some intense skeeball. You can’t go wrong there), then we went to the outdoor mall to get some clothes.

The next day we spent the day at Disneyland!! Thanks Liz, my old roomie at Disney World for 1) working at Disneyland right now and 2) getting us in and saving us some cash. We had a blast. And yes, I cried about 4 times that day. It was just perfect alright?! You would cry too if your love danced with you down Main Street. *Sigh*... ‘twas magical. We were able to get both parks done in one day; what a miracle. It was rainy in the morning, which was fantastic because we got so many rides out of the way! Good times.

The next day we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at pretty beaches along the way. We ended up at Laguna Beach, where Matt had made reservations at a restaurant called Big Fish Tavern, which is on the second story of the building so it had a gorgeous view of the ocean. After dinner, we walked along the main street and visited art galleries, and one of the galleries had all the original Disney paintings in them! (You know those really gorgeous Disney paintings on display at the park stores that are insanely expensive? Those are the ones I’m referring to).

The next day (Sunday) we went to church and sang in Aunt Bo’s ward conference choir. Haha, that wasn’t planned. She lives in an older ward and we had a great time practicing and singing with the choir. After church we went to Long Beach and visited the Getty Villa. It was amazing!! Matt and I had just taken our civilization classes, so it was especially cool since we had just learned about everything we were seeing. Afterward, we made our way to the LA temple, which is HUGE HOLY COW! It is ginormous. I love how it’s right in the middle of the city. The neighborhoods surrounding it are just adorable.

The next day, we headed to Las Vegas, but we couldn’t leave Temple City without going to the Asian market! Aunt Bo seriously lives in China town. All the stores are in Chinese and they’re mostly bridal shops and tea stores. It’s amazing and hilarious. When we got to Las Vegas we kinda just walked around a bit before heading out- I liked Las Vegas a lot more as a kid than I do now. It was just alright.

Instead of driving all the way home, we spent the night at my Gramma’s in St. George. She lives 2 blocks away from the temple, so it was fun to go for a walk to the temple that morning before heading home that afternoon.

Best trip ever!!