Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 76: Happy Mother's Day

May 15, 2017


This week in a nutshell. 

We had a lesson with our other Jose. He is the sweetest thing on the planet. He is totally going at his own pace, and he has felt so inadequate to be baptized. We've tried to help him see that he's not and that it's NORMAL to have weaknesses, but he had to realize it on his own. Then a few weeks ago he walked up to us and said, "Sisters! I have news. I am going to be baptized on May 20th." I just stopped breathing. From then on we've been going through the baptismal interview questions and going over all the principles with him. This week we had a YSA worldwide devotional that focused allllll on Joseph Smith. It was SO GOOD. The next day, we had our lesson with Jose and we were asking him about modern-day prophets. "Ya know, I really didn't believe in them. But after watching that devotional last night- yes. I believe." EEEEEEEE YAS JOSE!!! My heart. Then Sister Hayes actually almost passed out and we both got the stomach flu for 3 days so things weren't so eventful after that!!! Lolz. 

We had the departing temple trip this week, but unfortunately I was too sick to go with everyone. I was super bummed because I have been looking forward to it for.... 18 months? Lolz. Then last night President called me and said he and Sister Layton are gonna take me on my own temple trip with them and I'm like THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR MAKING ME SICK IT WAS WORTH IT.

Oh my word. So there is a YSA in our ward who, when I first got here, we decided to go and visit her. She was less-active and then she started coming to church. Then she got a calling as a ward missionary and she has SOARED with it. THEN she joined a sorority with our recent convert at Cal State and she has just bloomed. A few weeks ago she called us and told us about a Mother's Day Brunch that her sorority was having. Her mom passed away 2 years ago, and she asked if we would come instead. We were so honored. It was so much fun and it was such a privilege to be there for her in her time of need. 

Alright you monkeys, I'm outta here. BYYEEE.
Sister Harmon

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 75: Dontcha Know; There Ya Go

May 8, 2017

Highlights of the week include but are not limited to:

We hit the triple digits this week. High of 105. Gonna get that tan on!

That moment when we are in a lesson with adorable little Jose and I say "holy cow" in response to how far he's come and he goes, "hey, no holy cow!! Remember the golden calf?!" Bad dad joke meets corny gospel joke equals Jose and I love it. 

My favorite part about being at YSA is reading the Book of Mormon with investigators and praying right smack dab in the middle of the college campuses. It's so much fun. We've really been hitting it hard with the Book of Mormon with everyone we meet with, and it's been awesome. It doesn't have to be stuffy and boring to read. We visited a less-active who hasn't touched her scriptures or prayed in years. We read half the intro page together and by the end she's like, "Holy cow I am so excited to read the Book of Mormon!" and I'm just like "yaaaaas!" 

We were supposed to meet with our friend Francis this week. He texted us saying he had to run an open mic talent show and we were like ummmm can we participate?!??! Perfect opportunity to show the peeps that Mormons are normal too. I got to sing a little jiggy about church and Sister Hayes danced on her head. Spirit was there for sure.

We have a lot of new faces in the ward. Testimony meeting yesterday was totally lit. It was actually uber spiritual but here were some of the gems as well: 

"Yeah if you obsessed with the Kardashians you got somethin wrong witchu. They got somethin wrong wit them. They ain't got da gospel. They got darkness. Yeah Imma step off my "Soap Box"." 

"Don'​​t just try, just Nike!"

"Leave a sparkle behind everywhere you go."

"I'm a a vegan. If we were supposed to eat meat we woulda been born with fangs but we ain't. Stay blessed. Stay loved. God bless. Always." *slowly walks off the stand* 

Honestly I felt blessed to be there. I love the YSA ward. 


Sister Harmon


Week 74: These Are the Days to Remember

May 1, 2017

This week was seriously beautiful. Why? WELL LEMME TELL YA.

We played ultimate frisbee for FHE. Got to wear pants AND tear up dat field. It was so much fun! 

Jose got baptized this week. It was the most spiritual baptism of my mission by far. Here is the type of person Jose is, in a nutshell.

We met with him daily the week of his baptism. One lesson we whipped out my favorite pamphlet: CHASTITY. We were like, "Do you want to have one of these?" and he goes, "Oh no I have it on the gospel library app. Yeah I've actually studied that a lot. Whenever I'm tempted I read the pamphlet and I go watch the videos on Mormon channel. The church website has really helped me." My jaw literally was on the floor for 5 minutes solid. In 60 seconds, Jose restored my faith in humanity and men in general. If Jose can overcome his addictions and live the law of chastity, anyone can. 

Later on in another lesson he got this little grin on his face and in my head I'm like *what did I say this time*. I asked him why he was smiling and he goes, "I just really really love Christ." I know. 

Jose's baptism was such a privilege to witness. A member who has come to lots of lessons and has really helped Jose baptized him. After he came out of the water, Jose and Michael stood there and hugged each other for about 10 seconds. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my mission and life. Then Jose got up and bore his testimony. It was absolutely incredible. 

The best part of the whole evening was the President Layton was a sneaky lil paparazzi and was taking pictures of me as I'm bawling. THANKS!!

Yesterday at church after Jose got confirmed we were talking to him and he goes, "Yeah so last night I went on the children's scripture app and binge watched all of the Old Testament. I'm going to watch all of the New Testament today and then do Book of Mormon tomorrow." I can't handle him. 

That's basically all I have to say. Good day.

Sister Harmon

Week 73: Well Hello

April 24, 2017

My fav moments of the week: 

Bishop: "Hey Sisters can I talk to you for a sec?" **walks over to a more secluded spot**
Me: "You're finally gonna start paying us now?" **Girly giggles from only me**

That moment when Elder Ball, the mission finance senior missionary, walks over to me and whispers in my ear, "I put $25 extra dollars on both your accounts." and walks back over to his desk. It's finally happening. #blessed

We went hiking in the mountains of Tehachapi with our zone and it was a needed nature moment -HOLY COW I missed hiking. Hiking has become spiritual for me now, it's awesome. 


Ok so Jose. We've been teaching him for like three transfers now. He has come such a long way. We finally got him to search the scriptures, and BOOM he's making progress. So last week he opens up to us and tells us some stuff he's feeling. We tell him to repent. He DOES. We meet with him on Saturday and he tells us this awesome spiritual experience he has where he feels godly sorrow and repents and feels the spirit and feels so good.

Then later we bring up his goal of getting baptized May 26 and he goes, "Yeah I was wondering if I could move that sooner like next Saturday?" UM SURE THING BUDDY, LEMME MAKE A FEW CALLS - WHAT THE HECK?!?!! Do you know how many times I have gone unconscious on my mission? Too many times. Sister Hayes and I are just two giggly little seahorses just paroozin around. I know that made no sense. 

We went to the LA temple. We had to drop a member off at LAX on our way, and Hayes and I got a fake shot of us on our way. Lolz hold your horses people... Jenna.. 

Oh my goodness legit quote from Sister Ball, the mission office secretary. 
"So I was talking to President about how much we love you, and I said, 'I betcha she was a tough one to raise.'" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OH MY WORD SISTER BALL IS PSYCHIC!! 

Oh my word, so in institute we had a lesson on Christ's second coming and the 1000 years of peace that follows. "So wuz gon happen is Satan is gon be bound in does 2 chainz and he can't harm all y'all."  But for reals Satan can't do anything to anyone and it's gonna be pure peace and it's gonna be awesome. 

Brother Bennett, our beloved teacher, said that we don't have to wait for the millenium to have peace and have Satan be bound. When we put Christ at the center of our lives, and choose to get rid of the things Satan uses to bind us and enslave us, then we can totally experience the millenium and the pure peace now. It's a cool concept to think about and I challenge each one of you little beep bops to find something that Satan uses to bind you and bring you down, and GET RID OF IT LIKE IT'S LAST YEARS PRADA SHOES. For real just shred it outta yo life and I promise you'll have inner peace. 

K Bye.
Sister Harmon

week 72: Hellllooooo

April 17, 2017

I can't believe this transfer is already over. like WHAT THE HECK WHERE DID YA COME FROM AND WHERE DID YA GO?! We had an amazing fireball transfer and I hope the next one is just as crazy fun. It better be cuz it's my last - I can't even.

TRANSFER NEWS: Stayin wid mah baby, wud it DO!

Monday. We had talked to our investigator, Jayden, about getting baptized April 15. He said he'd pray about it but he wasn't for sure, and then he had to leave town. We assumed it probs wasn't gonna happen that weekend, but then we get a call from his aunt- "Sisters, what time is Jayden's baptism?" Ummmmmmmm what? We call Jayden-

"Hey Jayden! So... When did you want to get baptized? If you want to wait until next weekend it's totally cool!"
"No I really want to get baptized this Saturday. I'm ready." 
OK! Lolz! It was a total whirlwind getting everything set up but it happened! That baptismal font though..... Remember last time at Kami's baptism the FONT KEPT DRAINING?! During the first talk I hear it AGAIN and I am dying inside. 

Jayden is a football player at the college- he's a big dude. He gets in the font and the water is up TO HIS KNEE CAPS I SWEAR. I was literally on the floor flat-lined in a puddle of sweat like ARE YOU KITTEN ME RIGHT MEOW?! He ended up having to sit on his bum to get baptized. It wasn't funny, but it was hilarious. He got baptized though!! Lolz. 

Jose (our investigator) in his prayer: "Please Lord, help us to be fishers of men..... and.... fishers of women." HAHAHA!

I got to do something I've never done before- I accompanied someone playing the flute in church! It was super last minute but super fun. Good thing I had spirit fingers instead of my normal butterfingers, sheesh!  #blessed 

We went up to Tehachapi and had dinner with some members that I LOVE from when I served up there. It was so fun! Sister Hayes learned about the guessing game and the cute lil thang is entertained for hours. 

Alrighty super short, just like me, but I love you all.

Peace on the streets.
Sister Harmon

Week 71: Thriller and Swing Dancing

April 10, 2017

Highlights from this week include:

A member came up to us: "So I was binge-watching Parks and Rec, and so many times as I was watching Leslie Knope I thought to myself, that's totally Sister Harmon."
I was honestly in my coffin at this point because I had DIED FROM HAPPINESS. 

We got to go up to a lil place called Lake Isabella! It's about an hour away from Bakersfield. The drive up was gorgeous. It just makes my heart happy that Sister Hayes and I get to go on little road trips and see new places. It's like the Lord knows me or something.

So this weekend downtown Bakersfield had a little art walk where all these people put up booths and sold their artwork in the streets downtown. It was the chillest way to talk to all sorts of people about the Lord. 

Okay, this guy named Francis. Craziest story ever. 

"Sisters, I want to share a story with you. I have been wondering lately if God still speaks to us. Last week I was leaving a bible study class, when I had the strongest urge ever to buy some milk. It was such a weird feeling, but I went to the store and bought milk. Then I started driving down these streets and I didn't know where I was at. I parked and got out and just started walking. I ended up at a door and I just decided to knock on the door. A lady opened the door and said "Who are you?" And I said "Hey, you don't know me, but I need to give this to you." I gave her the milk and she started crying. She said that she had been praying because she had a crying baby and was out of money and needed milk for her baby."

YEAH. AND what is even crazier. Last month a member of the stake presidency came and talked to some of us, and he shared the EXACT SAME STORY of when he was a missionary. Literally the exact same thing happened to him. When Francis was telling the story I was like, is this for real? Oh my word, is this real life WHAT THE HECK?! UGH so cool.

But k think about it. How many times do you get a feeling to do something that may seem a little out of the blue? If I got a feeling to buy milk I'd be like yeah no, I'm allergic to milk, that's weird. But Francis 100% just did it without question, and LOOK AT THE MAN. HE FED A HUNGRY BABY. How many hungry babies can we all feed if we listen to the promptings we get and do something about 'em. 

 And then Francis is like, "So what do I have to do accept Jesus into my heart? Like what's the next step?" SWEET MERCY. 

OH MY WORD this week for FHE we learned THE DANCE TO THRILLER AND I LITERALLY HAVE WRINKLES ON MY FACE FROM SMILING SO HARD IT WAS AWESOME. And then we learned swing dancing and Sister Hayes was my partner, and the joy that came from having that little Asian as my dance partner was indescribable. 

It's amazing to see how our darkest moments and our hardest trials can be used to help other people. This week there was a member who was going through something that was like literally me at one point in my life - like identical. I understood her in a totally different way because I had 100% gone through the same thing. It felt so good helping her out, and she was so grateful to be understood and get sound advice. When we think about it, that is literally Christ. He totally gets it every time, he wants to help us so bad, and his advice is always sound. SO JUST LISTEN TO HIM FOR PETE'S SAKE.<3

Alright you lil' shawwty's. Oh my word yesterday in church a girl was visiting and I was like "Hi what's your name?"
**Oh my word her name is literally Shawwty**
**My face has a 10-foot smile and I am trying to hold back girly giggles**
"It is so nice to meet you Shawwty! So glad you came!"

Ugh, I love everything. 

Alright you lil shawwties, peace and blessings.

Sister Harmon

Week 70: Guten Tag

April 3, 2017

CHRISTMAS CAME A LITTLE EARLY THIS YEAR, AKA CONFERENCE, holy cow. Honestly my mind. Is. Blown. I decided to go in with a question and it was amazing how clear my answer was!! My question- will I get a million dollars from my parents? Every talk was like BOOM BOOM BOOM YES YES YES! It was amazing. Lolllzzzz, but really conference was one fleck of gold after the other and I now have a spiritual pot of gold. I loved it!!!

My fav quotes from General Conference: 

Be not afraid, only believe. 
Do what is right, let the consequence follow. 
Let it go, and follow Him.
If you can't walk, run. 
Believe in yourself. Believe in Him. 

Go ahead and make your memes outta these.

So remember the YSA guy who we called who was like "Yeah I'm high!"? So we called him again. We made an appointment to come see him- he lives in Tehachapi so it's a bit of a trip (no pun intended). We called him earlier that day to make sure we were still good:
"Hey Reuben! How are you?"
"I'm high!"
"Will you be high at 5:00 if we come over?"
"Yeah probably."
"Ok we'll see ya then!"
We go to his house, knock on the door, and a girl answers.
"Hi! Is Reuben home?" 
"Yeah, one second.... Grandpa!!" 
**Hayes and I look at each other. Grandpa??**
Reuben comes to the door:
"Hey girls come on in!"
We sit down and he starts chatting up a STORM. Then he goes:
"Yeah you know I have been high for a while. I used to be high on bud-light, then I used to be high on the powder. But now? Now I been high on JESUS." 
Hayes and I are internally dying/crying at this point like is this real life. 

Two seconds later...
"Now would you ladies like to get high with me?"
Ugh golden investigator right there.

Oh my word this week we had interviews with President. The poor man probably doesn't know what to do with me. We are enjoying our little interview and then he somehow weasels the conversation into dating. Why? Can't I just be a nun at the Abbey forever??
"So.. you writing anyone?"
"Am I what?!"
"Yeah! Are you writing anyone?"
"No I'm single as a pringle ready to mingle! I might even do a little jingle."  
The look he gave me. The only way to describe it is the way dad looks at me- He's trying to hide his smile and he's shaking his head but at the same time he's giggling inside but also like she is so ridiculous. 

Investigator moment: We have been working foreeeever with this guy Jose to help him want to read the scriptures. We've had like 7 lessons on why we read the scriptures yadda yadda and nothing was sticking. I was running out of ideas and patience when fiiinally we figured it out! We gave him a scripture chain on repentance because he had a question about what repentance was. We came back the next time, half-expecting he hadn't read and he says, "I read the whole thing and I have questions." YAS!! It was amazing to see how much he had changed and felt the spirit because he actually READ THE SCRIPTURES. Moral of the story- READ THE SCRIPTURES. 

Sister Harmon

Week 69: I Can't Even!!!

March 27, 2017



Ok like seriously. YSA is on fire. I am not bragging I SWEAR, but this week we had 20 lessons. TWENTY. I have honestly reached a point of exhaustion that I didn't know was possible. We have no time and it's just go go go. But it's awesome!!  

A few tender mercies of this week include: 

We got a media referral for a guy who wanted a bible. We called him and this was the conversation: 

"Hi! Is this Ruben?"
"Yeah it is!"
"Hi! This is the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, how are you?"
"Oh I'm high right now!"
"You're high?"
"Ok well we have a free bible for you. Maybe when you're not high we can come bring it to you?" 
"Ok yeah!" 

Our sweet little tuna-fish bell-pepper lolli-pop adORABLE investigator Kami got baptized last Friday!! It was awesome. It was our ward mission leader's first baptism, and half-way through the second talk, I start to hear it.... no... not the spirit.... but the WATER DRAINING OUT OF THE BAPTISMAL FONT!!!!!! I am sitting on the front row right next to Kami, and the ward mission leader is literally right across from me. I start tapping my foot and trying to move my hands so that he'll notice me, but he's just pondering life and the talks and I'm over here like, "WE HAVE A CRISIS BRIAN LOOK AT ME!!!!!"  Finally he looks at me and I mouth to him **THE WATER IS DRAINING** probably with slight Satan eyes no doubt and he runs back there. We had to sing like 20 hymns for them to re-fill the font LOLZ! But she got baptized so it's all guuuuuud. 

So, the other day we were at a coffee shop, waiting for our investigator to show to our appointment. We were sitting there and there was a group of people sitting nearby, and HOLY COW the naughty words and topics coming out of their little mouths was... shocking, honestly. Sister Hayes and I were really uncomfortable and when our investigator texted cancelling, we decided to leave. 

But the spirit was like "Sister Harmon, where do you think you're goin" and I was like FINE!!!!! So we turned around, we walked over to the group, and we said, "Hey how are you guys! Can we give you guys a card from our church?" And they all started laughing and said how embarrassed they were for having such a vulgar conversation lolz! We started chatting and we gave them all Jesus pass-a-long cards and had a great little discussion. You could tell there were quite a few of them who felt the spirit. And guess what. They won't ever forget that little experience because it was so odd and strange and funny. We really don't ever know who is ready we just gotta do it even though it's scary I JUST RHYMED KINDA.

HAHAHA, Elder Ball. He's a senior missionary in charge of the mission money. He's become my best friend, if ya know what I'm SAYIN. Lolz. We came into the mission office the other day. Every time we come in lately, Sister Ball sits me down and gives me marriage advice and Elder Ball throws in his snarky comments and Sister Ball gets all annoyed and it's HILARIOUS. I love them. BUT I DON'T LOVE THE MARRIAGE ADVICE SISTER BALL - CALM YOSELF. 

Elder Ball came in in his socks and I was like "Elder Ball let's take a picture!" and I got it with his socks and he looks at me and says, "Did you take a picture with me in my socks? Ya creep." HAHA!! Love them so much. 

Our investigator who walked into the Institute building and asked us if we could teach him? Yeah so we taught him the restoration and we taught it twice so he could really understand it. In our round 2 of the restoration here's how the conversation went:

"So Jayden here's the thing. We really don't want you to take our word for it. We want you to ask God if this is true. And he'll tell you. Would you ask-"

"Oh I already have. I got that warm burning feeling inside...?"


ok byyyyeeeeeeeee💃💃💃💃💃
Sister Harmon

Week 68: Tickled Pink

March 20, 2017

Here are the highlights of the week in no specific order.

Wednesday was a TRIP. We had a lesson at 8AM, then zone conference, then we left zone conference early for a lesson with our investigator. On our way over we get a text from the Institute secretary, saying that a young lady walked into the building crying, they sat and talked for an hour about the Book of Mormon, and she wants to take the discussions! I CAN'T EVEN. 

So, we have our lesson with our investigator, Raul. His uncle passed away the day before, and we had an awesome lesson on the plan of salvation at the Institute building. In the middle of our lesson, a senior missionary for the Institute bursts in the door and says, 
"Sisters I need to talk to you." 
(Umm, we are currently A LITTLE BUSY SIR.) 
"There is a non-member sitting out here who wants to take the discussions!" 
Excuse me, WHAT. After our lesson we walked out and yup, sitting perfectly perched on a chair like a little bird was a young man, waiting to be taught. WHAT THE HECK. It gets better.

 THEN we get a text saying some sisters had a YSA investigator they had been teaching that they wanted to hand over to us. He is currently living in a homeless shelter, in da ghetttooo part of town. I was seriously so pumped. We kinda made the mistake of going right as it got dark. We were talking with this guy right outside the homeless shelter. Sister Hayes was absolutely terrified and quiet as a mouse, and I was in my happy place. It was so awesome and the referral is awesome too! Literally the best day ever.

Ok. Can we just talk for a minute about Kami. About a month ago, we had a lesson with Jordian, who is a recent convert, on missionary work and we challenged her to invite someone to an activity. She invited her cousin Kami, and she came to Institute and then church that Sunday. She read the Book of Mormon IN 12 DAYS, and every time we were about to have a lesson she'd text us asking, "Can we please talk about baptism??" YOU DON'T NEED TO ASK ME TWICE. A few days ago we had a lesson with her and the first thing she says, "Sisters, how do I serve a mission?" Literally unconscious. She's getting baptized this Friday. IT'S HAPPENING!! 

We got to go to the temple with Emma this week. It was soo much fun!!!! Such a blessing to be re-united all 3 of us once again. ❤

Our poor district leader. It's his first time, so we just have to mess with him a little bit.
"Sisters, what time is your baptism?" 
"Sisters, where will the baptism be?" 
"The river Jordan."

It has turned into summer already. It was 80's this week and I'm an idiot and mailed home all my summer clothes so I'm dying in all my long sleeved shirts and sweaters. The Lord will provide. 

Peace on the streets,
Sistah Harmon

Week 67: Asian Invasion

MARCH 13, 2017

Dreams honestly do come true. For FHE this week, we did karaoke and I got to sing "Jesus take the wheel". It's hymn-based so it's FINE.

Our new district leader on weekly call-ins:
"So how do you sisters spell your name?"
*Me and Sister Hayes look at each other*
"H-O-U-R-M-I-N and H-A-A-Y-O-O-S."
"..Sister Hourmin and Sister Haayoos?"


Can I just say how much joy it brings me seeing how much Sister Hayes has grown over the past 9 months? HOLY COW. It's utterly unreal. This girl is fearless in talking to people, leads out in lessons, and she is so chatty it's mind-blowing!! Mah heart hurts with joy to see my little Asian all grown up. We have grown together in word, and deed, and teaching. We are Juan.  ;)

We are working with an investigator who is goin through a lot of junk (aren't we all?). Originally, we were going to introduce the 12-step program to help with his addiction, but we took a completely different route and had an entire discussion on meaningful prayer. It was one of those lessons where you'd open your mouth and your own words weren't coming out, but the Spirit's. Ugh so sick. I love those because I learn just as much as the investigator. WHY DO MISSIONS HAVE TO END.

So the zone leaders that Hayes and I had when we were comps the first time, are now the assistants, so it's just one big party all the time. We were gonna teepee their house but #missionrules

The theme of this week is that the Lord just knows you inside and OUT. Giving me my baby back is the greatest blessing for both of us. Mah lil heart is so happy.

On Saturday we had a YSA activity up in the canyon of Bakes called Wind Wolves. We went on this hike that was about 5 miles long and Sister Hayes and I were DEAD. The Lord has given us mental, spiritual, and emotional challenges, and Saturday it was just straight up physical challenges. 9 months ago, Hayes and I were literally the laziest pringles in the can. Thankfully that's changed and we actually work out these blessed bodies, so we survived. We thought we would have time to come back and do our studies after the hike, but we literally ran home and changed and went to appointments the rest of the afternoon and evening. We were dead and I am so sunburned but IT WAS WORTH IT!
I just can't really explain how AMAZING  LIFE IS RIGHT NOW AIOAFSDFJ;AFJ;AFJF that's me trying to explain it. I feel so, so blessed to be in YSA. I feel so, so blessed to be with Sister Hayes. We have some AWESOME investigators who are doing so great. It's just a large bucket of blessings and it's a really heavy bucket. It's like a fat morbidly-obese bucket with rolls of fat everywhere and filled with lard. Mmhmmm. Lotsa blessings.

Sister Hayes;
"Someone asked me if I love One Direction and, like my faith, I cannot deny it."


Sister Harmon