Friday, August 28, 2015

Grand Rapids, Michigan

This trip was hands down my favorite trip with The Color Run. I had a BLAST. We were able to get a ton more sleep on this trip than usual which was amazing, and a lot of the people on the staff were race directors so everyone knew what they were doing. It was lovely.

Why is it that I always have almost-missed-my-flight stories? My flight left at 8:30am, so I got on the train at 6am. I waited for 20 minutes and the train hadn’t left yet when it was supposed to, and I was starting to worry that I would miss my flight. Turns out that there was a train that was broken on our tracks (SERIOUSLY!?) and that they had to get it out of the way. I called my dad and he told me to get off at the Orem station and they would take me to the airport. I got off in Orem, and my mom got lost on her way to come get me. Then we got stuck in traffic from construction on the freeway- we were going 20mph. I assumed I’d miss my flight and that I would have to get on standby and probably be at the airport all day. I got to the airport at 8:03 and cut everyone in line and BARELY made it in time to check my bag. It was insanely close. Then I cut in front of everyone at security and ran right up to dump all my crap in those dumb bins. I went through and waited for my stuff and noticed they lost my ID and credit card. NICE. So I had to wait for them to find it underneath their huge machine. Then I sprinted for my freaking life and BARELY MADE IT to my gate. #blessed

We landed and drove to our hotel, which was INSANELY AWESOME. It was literally a block long. It was huge. And so so so nice. The pool changed colors!!! And there were chandeliers everywhere. And apparently haunted too? My roommate Maddi said that she heard someone pounding on our door at 3AM then heard a piercing scream, and I Googled it and the hotel is known for being haunted. And for some reason I thought it was the coolest thing. Speaking of Maddi, she is such a doll and everyone thought we knew each other before or were related. Maddi, Hannah, and I had so much fun together that weekend. One of my favorite parts of the job is making so many new friends.

Our hotel.

After we got to our hotel, the three of us walked around the city and walked to the river and just chilled out and explored.

The next morning we walked a couple blocks to our venue. It was surrounded by city and the “hunkajunk” art piece. Packet pickup was there too and not at Kohls- IT WAS AWESOME. Being outside the entire time for packet pickup made it soooo much fun. It was also nice because we didn’t have to move the store and we could set up for the venue a little bit at a time. Every morning we'd make pancakes onsite at the venue with a griddle we bought. Random stuff like that is the best.

After PPU a bunch of us girls (there were sooo many girls on this trip) decided to go out to dinner downtown. We went to Hopcat Brewery (Grand Rapids is super famous for their beer so obviously I had no beers and kept the word of wisdom #church) where they had CRACK FRIES. I kid you not. Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I have this weird obsession with talking about crack even though I’ve never done it in my life. Anyways, back to the crack fries. They were so so so good.
What did I tell you.

The next day we finished PPU and all played 4 square together. The girls went to dinner again to a Thai place and chilled and had fun walkin around. I didn’t set foot in a car all weekend. It was beautiful. I would love to do a race in a city again like that; it was such a cool experience.

None of us know who that guy is.

After the race was over the next day, we walked back to the hotel, and then Donelle, Maddi and I went in search of coke products because Grand Rapids ONLY HAS PEPSI PRODUCTS AND EXCUSE ME NO ONE LIKES PEPSI AND IF YOU DO, WHY. We finally found a little general store underground to get some Dr. Pepper near the hotel that literally looks like you would never come out if you went in.  

            We had our staff dinner at this restaurant where we could sit outdoors and feel those chill vibes of Grand Rapids. Lolz. Grand Rapids was a fantastic race with a fantastic staff. I had a blast.