Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 54: Emailing from a Mac and Love Life Right Now

December 12, 2016

Oh my WORD here we go. 
This was the most hilarious and outrageous week ever.
0 proselyting hours. 
1 hospital procedure.
10 trips to Walmart.
1 cat scan.
2 melt downs.
3 visits from President. 
1 insanely clean apartment. 

The verdict= Sister Ryan is going home this Friday. I am so sad to see her go, but it is for the best. She's really really sick, and getting better at home will be faster and better for her. BUT we did have some hilarious moments in the midst of utter chaos! 

So on Tuesday, sister Ryan had an endoscopy. Her esophagus was basically shut so they had to open it up and all this fun stuff. She came out of surgery and literally looked like she had jaundice. So cute. Who knew that jaundice-looking companions would make me queasy and wanna throw up? And apparently when I have to throw up I start to cry? I'm the one who is supposed to have it together! I'm sitting there and I walk up to a random nurse in tears and I'm like, "Um, I'm going to throw up and pass out, what should I do?" and she just points to the bathroom. Cool! Our actual nurse was amazing though. We were talking about the church and Jesus and then after we had gone to our car, she runs out after us and she's like, "Let's pray." And we all hold hands and she prays!!! It was sick!!

So on day two post-op, Sister Ryan was going crazzzyy and she decided to ask Sister Layton if she could get permission to watch Tangled. It was hilarious. Sister Layton goes, "I'll talk to president and he'll give you a call." Sweet! We're in. 2 hours later we hear a knock at the door. Who's at the door? President and Sister Layton. BOTH OF THEM. After they come in, President says, "So, we wanted to just have a little scripture study with you, is that ok?" IS IT OK? IT'S MORE THAN OK YOU ARE LITERALLY THE GREATEST THING SINCE CONFETTI GUNS AT THE DOLLAR STORE. It was definitely the greatest comp study session I've had on the mission. This whole situation is kinda a dream come true. I have wanted to have a super special relationship with President Layton, and you better believe that's happening right now. He said no to Tangled, by the way. 

You know what I love? The little miracles. So Sister Ryan usually wakes me up in the middle of the night to get her a popsicle or warm up her rice bag (haha, one time I was totally out and she had to throw the rice bag right at my face. It worked!), but the other night I woke up out of the blue, wide awake. I sat there for a minute wondering why I was awake and then I was like, "okay, I need to make sure she's not dead," so I listen to see if she's breathing (I do that a lot), and I hear nothing. GREAT I KILLED MY COMPANION. I sit up and she's gone. I MADE MY COMPANION DISAPPEAR. I go into the front room and she is in there, really having a hard night. We just sat there together and prayed. It was just so cool how the spirit lets ya know what you need to do.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. We had to go to Walmart and while we were there we may or may not have bought cranberry pills to prank the elders. You crush them up, put them in brownies, and....... ok don't judge but it turns anyone's urine bright red. There was a man by us in the aisles, and we struck up a conversation about the ordeal, he thought it was amazing and is going to do it to his son, and took a card and gave us his number and we are gonna teach him probs! Ya never know who's prepared....?

Oh the BEST MIRACLE OF ALL. So, we went to Edwards Air Force base a couple weeks ago, and their gift shop is amazing. Too bad I was broke as can be, and I couldn't buy anyyyything. Then last week I realized I had money, prayed for another opportunity to go to Edwards so I could get the keychain I really really wanted, and then whaddayaknow, Sister Ryan has an appointment this Wednesday. PRAYER WORKS PEOPLE. 

Have a blessed Christmas season.
Seester Harmon

-- Me and Sister Ryan pre-surgery
-- Me and our medical friend who is now our best friend
Sister Harmon

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