Wednesday, May 10, 2017

week 72: Hellllooooo

April 17, 2017

I can't believe this transfer is already over. like WHAT THE HECK WHERE DID YA COME FROM AND WHERE DID YA GO?! We had an amazing fireball transfer and I hope the next one is just as crazy fun. It better be cuz it's my last - I can't even.

TRANSFER NEWS: Stayin wid mah baby, wud it DO!

Monday. We had talked to our investigator, Jayden, about getting baptized April 15. He said he'd pray about it but he wasn't for sure, and then he had to leave town. We assumed it probs wasn't gonna happen that weekend, but then we get a call from his aunt- "Sisters, what time is Jayden's baptism?" Ummmmmmmm what? We call Jayden-

"Hey Jayden! So... When did you want to get baptized? If you want to wait until next weekend it's totally cool!"
"No I really want to get baptized this Saturday. I'm ready." 
OK! Lolz! It was a total whirlwind getting everything set up but it happened! That baptismal font though..... Remember last time at Kami's baptism the FONT KEPT DRAINING?! During the first talk I hear it AGAIN and I am dying inside. 

Jayden is a football player at the college- he's a big dude. He gets in the font and the water is up TO HIS KNEE CAPS I SWEAR. I was literally on the floor flat-lined in a puddle of sweat like ARE YOU KITTEN ME RIGHT MEOW?! He ended up having to sit on his bum to get baptized. It wasn't funny, but it was hilarious. He got baptized though!! Lolz. 

Jose (our investigator) in his prayer: "Please Lord, help us to be fishers of men..... and.... fishers of women." HAHAHA!

I got to do something I've never done before- I accompanied someone playing the flute in church! It was super last minute but super fun. Good thing I had spirit fingers instead of my normal butterfingers, sheesh!  #blessed 

We went up to Tehachapi and had dinner with some members that I LOVE from when I served up there. It was so fun! Sister Hayes learned about the guessing game and the cute lil thang is entertained for hours. 

Alrighty super short, just like me, but I love you all.

Peace on the streets.
Sister Harmon

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