Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 68: Tickled Pink

March 20, 2017

Here are the highlights of the week in no specific order.

Wednesday was a TRIP. We had a lesson at 8AM, then zone conference, then we left zone conference early for a lesson with our investigator. On our way over we get a text from the Institute secretary, saying that a young lady walked into the building crying, they sat and talked for an hour about the Book of Mormon, and she wants to take the discussions! I CAN'T EVEN. 

So, we have our lesson with our investigator, Raul. His uncle passed away the day before, and we had an awesome lesson on the plan of salvation at the Institute building. In the middle of our lesson, a senior missionary for the Institute bursts in the door and says, 
"Sisters I need to talk to you." 
(Umm, we are currently A LITTLE BUSY SIR.) 
"There is a non-member sitting out here who wants to take the discussions!" 
Excuse me, WHAT. After our lesson we walked out and yup, sitting perfectly perched on a chair like a little bird was a young man, waiting to be taught. WHAT THE HECK. It gets better.

 THEN we get a text saying some sisters had a YSA investigator they had been teaching that they wanted to hand over to us. He is currently living in a homeless shelter, in da ghetttooo part of town. I was seriously so pumped. We kinda made the mistake of going right as it got dark. We were talking with this guy right outside the homeless shelter. Sister Hayes was absolutely terrified and quiet as a mouse, and I was in my happy place. It was so awesome and the referral is awesome too! Literally the best day ever.

Ok. Can we just talk for a minute about Kami. About a month ago, we had a lesson with Jordian, who is a recent convert, on missionary work and we challenged her to invite someone to an activity. She invited her cousin Kami, and she came to Institute and then church that Sunday. She read the Book of Mormon IN 12 DAYS, and every time we were about to have a lesson she'd text us asking, "Can we please talk about baptism??" YOU DON'T NEED TO ASK ME TWICE. A few days ago we had a lesson with her and the first thing she says, "Sisters, how do I serve a mission?" Literally unconscious. She's getting baptized this Friday. IT'S HAPPENING!! 

We got to go to the temple with Emma this week. It was soo much fun!!!! Such a blessing to be re-united all 3 of us once again. ❤

Our poor district leader. It's his first time, so we just have to mess with him a little bit.
"Sisters, what time is your baptism?" 
"Sisters, where will the baptism be?" 
"The river Jordan."

It has turned into summer already. It was 80's this week and I'm an idiot and mailed home all my summer clothes so I'm dying in all my long sleeved shirts and sweaters. The Lord will provide. 

Peace on the streets,
Sistah Harmon

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