Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 62: Read the Whole Thing, Folks.

February 6, 2017


First things first; our investigator Jordan got baptized and I love her face!! 

So. The Institute building is right on the corner of campus where alllll da traffic izz. We set up a booth with all yall fav gospel stuffy gruff and we sold the gospel for free, or should I say, "buy milk and honey without money and without price." (See 2 Nephi 26:25 for further gems). LITERALLY SO MANY FLOCKED TO US LIKE LOST SHEEP IT WAS AWESOME. Maybe it was cuz we had candy on our table. SO many people were so open and we just got to chat and give all of our pamphlets and cards and copies of the Book of Mormon away to people of the nations of the earth!!! Four people agreed to meet with us the next day. It was sick. We had some members from the YSA ward chillin with us so the students of Bakersfield College wouldn't be too intimidated by two sister missionaries in skirts. 

We had FHE and we played volleyball. Sis Clegg and I got to wear pants, and I don't think I felt more normal on my mission until that moment.  It was such a beautiful experience. And a guy we met earlier that day while boothing decided to come; his name is Humberto. He is the sweetest!!! We taught him the Restoration which he loved, and after the lesson we walked with him to his choir class with a member, and the member asked him how his lesson went and he said, "AMAZING." Mah heart. THEN this amazing member totally took him under his RM man wings and they have a 3-way call group prayer every night to help Humberto. LIKE WHAT THE HECK I DON'T KNOW EITHER. So great. And then Humberto signed up for Institute. Like signed sealed delivered he's ours. Well... the Lord's.

Oh my word, so we have an investigator named Jose. He is the sweetest (pic attached) and he has some struggles with talking to people in general- it's so hard for him even in lessons. HE TOTALLY GOT UP AND BORE HIS TESTIMONY ON SUNDAY. We were all unconscious afterward. Well.. I know I was so I actually can't speak for everyone else. Ugh it was a gorgeous moment and HE IS SO READY IT'S HAPPENING. 

One of my new favorite things is visiting less-active YSA peeps. I went on splits with a less-active ward missionary, and we didn't visit anyone but instead talked all about missions and being less active and coming back. It was AWESOME! Every single question or concern this girl had about missions, there was an experience I could share that I had had on my mission. The Lord's a good one. After that she came to three activities and church!! Miracles biracles siracles lyricals.  

So I realized how much I love Bakersfield and how spoiled I am to be here. Palm trees everywhere, it was 60 on Saturday and we all played beach volleyball, and we get to drive all over Bakersfield searching for lost sheep. Does it get any better?!


Sister Harmon

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