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Week 56: Hey My Peoples!

December 26, 2016



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Ok. I'm calm. 

Every night this week we went caroling with our whole zone to different wards!!!!! It was so awesome. We always ended up caroling to someone who really needed it. It's amazing how just showing up at someone's house singing songs can light up someone's face and night. It was AWESOME! Gonna do that erry year. 

EEE DID EVERYONE HAVE FUN OPENING PRESENTS?!?! But more importantly, did you think about Jesus. I was bawling through Sacrament yesterday. How cool is it that Christmas was on a Sunday this year. GAH #tendermercies. 

So this week we got to go to the LA temple. My fam bam already heard this story but the rest of the world needs a good giggle. We went with two other sisters, and their investigator named Lori drove us. Lori. How do I convey Lori to you? Melissa McCarthy. That's Lori. Literally. 

We go over to her house at 7 am to get her out of bed and we make our way to the temple. We made it just in time for the 10:30 session. When we go to the temple, the rule is that we need to be back to Bakersfield by 6pm, so we need to leave at least by 4. The session was absolutely amazing. I was a sprinkler... more like a FIRE HOSE... the entire time. The spirit, man.. After the session we took pics and had a great time, and then we went to lunch.... or so we had planned... 

Lori said that the only condition with us taking her was that she got to pick the restaurant. Okeeeee cool. We all had like 9 bucks to our name so we were poor lil beauties. She picks some place called jib jab or something and we start driving. The poor dear cannot follow directions, so we end up on Rodeo drive and Beverly Hills, driving around looking at all the well-dressed monkeys and screaming Merry Christmas out of our windows and handing out cards in the midst of traffic. It was awesome. I dared Sister Carter to give cards to a full-on tour bus. YAAASS QUEEN. It was amazing. 

We couldn't find the restaurant, so we end up at a Chinese place on Rodeo Drive, which you can imagine, ain't cheepie cheap. We look at a menu-  3 thousand dollars for a Chinese fry pretty much! We tell Lori we can't eat there and we make our way back to the car. We drive around LA some more and finally end up at a little strip mall full of restaurants. By this point it's 5pm. SWEET. We get everyone some din dins, I choke on a chip at Del Taco for 5 solid minutes, and by the time we get back to the car, it's 6. Then Lori says, "Let's go back to the temple and look at the lights!!" Oh my word. So we go back and sit in the car for about 10 minutes, then we finally leave. YAY. On the road... OR SO WE THOUGHT.

After about 30 minutes, dearest Lori says that we have to get gas and we have to go to Costco and only Costco. Aight! I asked if she wanted me to put it in the gps and she said she knew where it was. 30 minutes later she asked if I could put it in the gps. Lolz. We get gas, and then the best part of the evening. She pulls up LITERALLY to the entrance of Costco, leaves the keys in the car and says, "I have to go to the bathroom" and leaves the four of us in the car like little homeless children. HAHAHA!!! I was dying. Two of us follow her in the bathroom and the other two stay in the car. Then she went missing! We couldn't find her anywhere, and then 30 minutes later we find out she went grocery shopping. HAHAHAHA!! Seriously the best night of my life. We got home at 10:30 pm. So close! 

I love Christmas and the spirit it brings. I challenge all y'all to keep that spirit going. How do we do that? Like my fav bishop says, "By taking our private religious practices SRSLY." Are your personal prayers meaningful? Do you feel like you're really talkin to someone? What do you feel and learn as you read? It's the little things that are actually the big things and make the biggest difference.

Sister Harmon

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