Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 57: Fourth Floor, Last Door

January 2 2017

Fourth Floor Last Door. Has anyone read that talk from President Uchdorf? He gave a talk about some missionaries serving in Germany. They went to an apartment complex and knocked every single door, all the way up to the 4th floor, with no success. At the very last door, someone listened. And then they got baptized. And then she married President Uchdorf, hehe. 

That was seriously the theme for our week! It was so fabulous. We worked our missionary buns off and we witnessed some miracles here. 

One miracle was a part member family we have been working with. The wife is a baptist and the husband is less-active. Missionaries have gone over for a while trying to teach her. We decided that out of everything, we needed to focus on the Book of Mormon. We asked her the week before to read the introduction page so we could talk about it next time. She hadn't read it, so we all read the intro page together. She was uncomfortable at first, but then she finally opened up and we literally went through every sentence on that page and explained everything. It took us two hours. But it was exactly what she needed. Her husband walked us out to our car and he told us, "She's really coming a long way and she is listening to what you're saying. Now if I could get my rear in gear." Yes!!!! So exciting.

One day we went out to Frito-Lay land. We call it that because that's where the Fruit Lay plant is. We had 2 referrals on this one street. We contacted them both - nothing. We felt like we needed to stay on that street until we got dat job DONE. So we basically talked to everyone and in the nicest way possible told them all to REPENT CUZ THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NIGH AT HAND Y'ALL. 

Just kidding! It was time to go to dinner and we were a little bummed that we didn't find anyone. As we were about to get to the car, out of nowhere this dad with his two kids come riding their bikes down the street, and it was so weird but they kinda just stopped their bikes when they saw us. THEY KNEW WE WERE SERVANTS OF THE LORD I TELL YOU. We taught the dad a teensy bit and he said that he had just gotten out of jail six months ago and he really wanted to change his life. YAAAAAAAASS!!! So we made an appt for Saturday.

We called and texted our new friend Javier to confirm for Saturday, and we heard nothin. We decided to still go out to see him. We get to his house, and it's pouring rain. There is a huge gate to his house which is a ways away from his house. There were a couple people standing around in the garage, so we get out of the car, leave our jackets and our umbrellas in the car, and shiver our way over to the gate and stand their awkwardly and wave for seriously a solid 5 minutes and saying, "Hi!" 
We looked so pathetic. But it worked! A guy comes to the gate- Javier's brother. He invites us over to the open garage, where we meet his dad and Javier. It was the most AMAZING lesson ever. We taught the restoration, but we started our lesson by teaching him all about the Atonement, which led us into the restoration. AHHHH YOU GUYS EET VAS AMAZINGG! He was totally feeling the spirit and his brother (who said he wasn't interested) after the lesson said, "I'm really excited to see the change that's going to happen to my brother" and inside my head I'm like ME TOO!!!! It was awesome. 

So there is a guy in our area who builds minion villages on his lawn for every holiday. I know. 

Well a big mile stone this week. I completely the entire year of 2016 as a missionary. It feels so weird that time has passed this quickly. I literally remember thinking to myself on January 1, 2016, "I might die." But I didn't die!!! In fact, it's been the best year of my life. I have learned so much about the gospel and about myself. Serving a mission has taught me to have greater charity and love, greater patience, and a deeper understanding of the Atonement. It's been a blessing. 

2017 is going to be awesome! What are your new years resolutions? Mine is to stop being so GORGEOUS lololol totally kidding. Some of my new years goals include reading the Book of Mormon again, making my bed every morning (I already know I am going to fail but I'm still going to try!), and to take life, my challenges, and my goals one day at a time. That's all we really can do.

Peace on the streets. 

Seester Harmon

So on Christmas this cuute little kid (on Thanksgiving he was the one who said, "Excuse me can I hold your hand?") is talking to me and he says, "Um, Sister Mormon?" HA! Adorable. Ok that's all. Byeeeeeee!

Sister Harmon

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