Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 51: People of Walmart

November 21, 2016

Where do I even start with this week? How about we start with a huge LOL!!

First off I have a testimony that God hears and answers every prayer, no matter how small. We were about to leave our apartment on Saturday and in my prayer I literally said, "Also, it would be super nice if someone could pay for our groceries this week. Just sayin." And then this morning via the elders, a member wants to take us to Winco and PAY FOR OUR GROCERIES. 

I think this was honestly one of the craziest and most hilarious weeks of my life. Sister Ryan. Poor Sister Ryan is like physically completely falling apart. The great news is that we finally got a doctor appointment tomorrow... At Edwards Air force Base!!! I AM SO EXCITED I COULD DO THE SPLITS - but I'll hold off for another 6 months cuz I'm wearing a dress. We have mostly been living at Walmart and our apartment getting medicine and resting. But even though it was a slow week it was sooo crazy awesome. 

We have this ADORABLE little investigator named Daniella. She lives in ButtonWillow, which is a little town 30 minutes outside of Bakersfield. Ok. How do I even convey Button Willow to yall? I don't think I can. You're just gonna have to come see it for yourself. It is this super small town along I-5 on your way to Sacramento, and the only way I can help you get the idea of it is to picture a route 66 truck stop. I LOVE IT. There is a member out there who works at a truck stop. And also lives in it too!! It's amazing. We went this weekend to see them and I had one of the most powerful and amazing spiritual experiences of my LIFE out there. Some things are too special to share. Sorry. 

Some of my favorite quotes from the week: 

President Layton in an interview: "Why don't zebras get ulcers?" I still never figured out the answer.

Our ward mission leader is HILARIOUS. He's been checking up on Sister Ryan all week, and one time we hadn't answered him right away and he says, "Sisters! Did the gadianton robbers get you??" Oh my stars. 

This morning it's been drizzling, and when I say drizzling I mean barely sprinkling. He sends us this text this morning, "Sisters. It's a great rainy day today. Drive careful because the rest of us don't know how to handle this wet stuff. Hope you are writing many journal pages so someday in a session of General conference we can hear you speak inspiringly about enduring tough times on your mission. No joke." HAHAHA I cannot handle him sometimes. 

We were at Walmart this week, and we had to go down the hair care aisle and Sister Ryan was commenting on how we hardly ever have time for nice hair products, and she says, "Sometimes I just don't even feel like a girl anymore" and I asked "What do you mean?" And we both turn and look and there is a guy just staring at us like we are crazy. Oopsie! 

You know what's so awesome? That this is the Lord's work. We have had lots of little miracles this week, even though we couldn't go out much. It's so cool to see and is always a good reminder. 

I've been doing a lot of reading and studying about having a change of heart. Really wanting to change something about yourself long-term. We can do all we can to change our behavior, to stop doing something or to start doing something, but that will only get us so far until we go back to old habits. What we really need is the grace, mercy, and divine help that comes from one source and one source only, and that's Jesus Christ. Don't waste another minute tryna do it by yourself! Don't be stupid! Get glad- use the Atonement! 

We have three Thanksgivings planned. I'm going to die. 

Alright my little prancing peonies, have the best Monday ever, and the happiest Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving #2 on the mission. What is life? 

Okkkkk byyeeeee!

Also the video is of us surprising Omie now that I am back in Bakes. Spotlight on Omie: 
She is literally my soul sister. She's 76, a world war 2 survivor, and she is the funniest, sweetest, and most genuine person I know. She keeps giving me wedding gifts and I'm like "Omie!! I am a nun right now and I'm not even dating anyone!" And she's like "Well just in case I'm dead before your wedding take it!!" I love her. She calls us every morning at 6:43 am and tells us the drama with her kids and grandkids. It's a blessing.

Sister Harmon

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