Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 48: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2016

Many things happened this week! 

K super cool moment this week. I was in personal study wondering what to study.  I decided to study the Atonement- I had prayed that what I learned I could use throughout the day. We started going to the addiction recovery meetings that the church has as a way of finding people to teach. We show up and there is only 2 other ladies there. We start talking, and the perfect opportunity to share what I learned from that morning came about. It was the coolest thing!! We all learned so much from each other. We all decided that the addiction recovery program should be called the weakness recovery program, cuz it is literally for everyone.
HAHA so we had a dinner this week with this cute older couple, and we show up and there are only two plates set. Hmm. They're like, "Ok, so we have to go to an appointment so we are just going to leave you here to enjoy dinner. You don't have to make converstaion for a whole hour. Enjoy!" And then they left!! It was amazing.

I learned something cool this week that might help you peepsy boos in ya lives. So ya know how if someone wants to get baptized, they can't just jump right into the font. They have to develop faith in Jesus Christ, which leads them to sincere repentance, which prepares them to make covenants and be forgiven of sins. Well after that, every Sunday we make those same covenants and get to have that same cleansing. But we can't just show up on Sunday and think "Ok, cleanse me, I'm here." The process is the same. We have 6 days to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and sincerely repent of our sins that week, and PREPARE to make those same covenants again on Sunday. So prepare! 

OH my gosh Hong and Mike. I cannot handle them. We go over and and we are teaching about how to prepare for baptism, and Sister D's like, "So to prepare for baptism you have faith, repent-" and Hong interrupts and looks at Mike and says, "You haf to repent to be baptize? Oh yew don repent you can't do dat. You can't get baptize." And he just looks at her, and Sister D and I are desperately trying to hold in our giggles but a few escaped. Mikes like, "Yeah I do repent." Hong- "No yew don I never see you repent." And we then tell her that you can repent privately and she's like "ohhhhh. Ok yew can get baptize." I CAN'T EVEN ANYMORE. 

ALSO so amazing. We knocked on this lady's door and she is like suuuper greek orthodox. She's like, "Have you ever heard of the greek orthodox church?" And I'm like, "Yes!!! I've seen my big fat greek wedding!" Lolz close enough, right? We ended up standing there for 45 minutes and she kept telling us alll these things about her religion and how our religion blah bah blah. She was super nice about it though. We were about to leave and she's like, "Keep in mind that Joseph Smith didn't know about the greek orthodox church" and as we got back in the car Sis D's like "Too bad Jesus didn't tell Joseph Smith about it when he APPEARED to him!" I was in tears. Later we were talking about it at home and she's like "well you're wrong and Jesus agrees with me!" I love her so much. 

Haha funniest thing ever. We had a lesson and we brought this member with us. The member shows up with a copy of the Ensign, and we are like hmm that is so weird but ok! We are teaching the lesson and this member has her Ensign like she is waiting to say something. There's a brief pause and she jumps in and proceeds to tell our investigator how much she just loves President Uchdorf and how handsome he is for literally like a solid minute, especially how good looking he is. Me and Sister D are both like "what on earth?" And then she gives the investigator an article to read from President Uchdorf. Hahahaha I don't even know anymore!

We went to a trunk or treat tri-ward activity. Sister Daelemans and I had spray painted cardboard peices, and we were going paint one "The Book of Mormon" and the other "the Holy Bible", and then the one time we needed dry weather for them to dry, it rained. its the thought that counts. 

Do y'all remember David Foster? He played basketball for the U and he was on all the billboards and he is sooo tall. HE'S IN OUR WARD. We show up to dinner and I'm like "I know you." We got a pic and he made me do the U sign in the pic, but don't worry, I bleed blue. 


Sister Harmon

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