Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 60: Lunch with Sister Layton and Temple with Hayes

January 23, 2017

There are no words inside my cranium to describe the wonderfulness of the past week!

Some of the highlights of this week include:

-Having lunch with Sister Layton at the mission home with a few other sisters. I felt like one of those fancy pretty ladies who drink herbal tea and paint paintings outside. It was all fine and dandy, until somehow all of my dirt was out on the table, and my companion and former companion were sharing stories of all the times I scare them at night. Haha, oops!! The presidential inauguration was the day we had lunch. Sister Layton was mentioning that motab sang, and one of the sisters asked what song they sang, and before I could even hold my tongue I said, "Praise to the man." We were all a giggly little bunch.

-We got our oil changed! Missionaries.... They're just like you!

-Suuuper long-time comin lesson this week. Part member family with triplets all over the age of eight!! We have been teaching everyone and their dog the restoration lesson using cups that Trent gave me (it took me like 2 transfers to figure out how to use them lolz!) and it was seriously ugh. So beautiful. All three of them want to get baptized!! Good things are happening. 


Ok so full story on that all caps sentence. Sister Hayes and I, my little Asian persuasion. Hehe! She and I got to go down with the Stockdale ward on their temple trip with our recent convert who got baptized last week. It was a stake temple trip, but the night before they cancelled it because their might be snow. MIGHT?! I was so depressed I almost bought Ben & Jerry's. THEN that morning our ward decided we were doin it and we decided to just go. It was blue skies the entire day. Californians. JK I am literally one of them now. 

Anyways, it was seriously the best day of my life. Being with the Stockdale Ward at the temple, with a recent convert, with my Sister Hayes. And it was so beautiful in LA too! After the temple, the Hubble's, one of my loves from the Stockdale ward, took us to Santa Monica Pier and we had lunch at the very last restaraunt on the pier overlooking the ocean. It was AWESOME and it was mexican food so the Lord really blessed me tenfold. 

And then it happened. While we were in the car, President called asking for me. I literally thought all of you had died in an earthquake because President doesn't make transfer calls. Turns our you're all fine. But I am getting transferred. 

This year the first presidency is making a really big emphasis on the youth and the young single adults. They are doing a bunch of stuff to really ramp up the missionary work with the YSA ward here in Bakersfield. They are doing some different things with Institute, and then they are starting a student association at the college campus called LDSSA! Super cool. I am going to be serving in the YSA ward now! 

I am super excited. It's going to be SO different from my entire mission. We work strictly through member referrals and I'll be with a bunch of people my age. I cover all of Bakersfield so literally the world is my oyster. It's going to be awesome. I am sad to leave the Snow Ward and Sister Carter. We had such a great time and saw some really good things happen here together. I am also going to miss scooping horse poop at the horse riding center. But really though. Every minute in this area has been a blast. But I love change. AN ADVENCHA IS HEEYA YONDA! 

Ok. Here is how you get rid of people who keep calling you. AKA our DISTRICT LEADERS. jk but every time they call you just answer and recite your voicemail. It works EVERY TIME.

Alright peace and blessings on the streets of where err yer shovelin dat snowwww. Love you all!!

Seester Harmon   

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