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January 16, 2017

Ok literally this email is gonna be a long one but just SAY A PRAYER PUT YER SEATBELTS ON AND READ THIS BABY.

We have been in the miracle zone all week. Like. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY EXCEPT  PA;FJOER;LER;LIASL;I;UER!!!!!!! 

Ok. Took a breather and I'm back. 

Let's just start at the beginning of the week. Or shall we say, miracle number one? 

So. We haven't had anyone to teach for a minute or so. We had made plans to go visit this less-active lady who has been stuck in the hospital for 10 weeks, but that morning she texted us and said that the baby that was in her tummy was coming early, so we had to change our plans, which I've learned actually means the Lord has a little somethin up his sleeve for us. We decided to go into this gated community and visit a part member. No answer. We pray and we feel like we should just walk around the neighboorhood. We can't knock any doors cuz it's gated, so we are walking around passing out cards to all the beautiful souls we see. When all of a sudden, BAM BAM BAM 3 new children of God that wanna hear about the gospel and we are gonna teach them!! Sister Carter and I made a goal that we are going to talk to everyone, and I mean everyone. We were speed walking back to our car because we were running late, and this man is getting out of his car on our way, so we said,
"Hey can we give you a card from our church?"
"What church?"
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!" 
"Sometimes people call us mormons."
"Oh! This is from the mormon church? Oh I'll keep this. I'm busy this week but you can come over next week. Here's my contact info." 
Sister Carter was literally speechless. Lolz!

Oh on a side note, hahaha so funny. We were walking back to our car and we saw a lady walking in our direction and we asked her if we could give her a card. Literally I thought I saw Satan in her eyes when she said, "You know you aren't supposed to knock doors here!!!! I'm the president of the HOA." And in my head I'm like the holiday hoobie whaty? We talked to her for like 30 minutes and then convinced her to let us come into her house. HAHAHAHA WE GOT INSIDE YO HOUSE AND WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO KNOCK!! 

Oh. My. Word. Ok so remember foreeevs ago when Sister Ryan and I got a phone call from our friend Freddie and he was going to commit suicide and we went and decorated his door and talked with him? He's been calling us every other week or so, and we talk to him and try to meet with him but not a ton happens. He called us again this week and we tried coming over but he didn't answer. Then on Saturday we got a call, so we went over and talked to him for a bit. He was super down so we told him to come out of the house with us and go for a walk to a member's house a few streets down. He was just bawling and bawling becuase of all the stuff he's been goin through. Then the dad, Brother Hamilton, was talking to him and he told him, "When I joined the church the missionaries told me a few things that really changed my life." And then he told Freddie that before he lived here, he lived with God and that he is a child of God and he has potential to be like Him. I just sat there and with my own eyes watched Freddie's spirit awaken within him and he completely lost it. It was awesome. On our walk back to his house it was kinda breezy outside and Freddie goes, "When ya got da breeze uh Jesus you ain't need notin else." That's right you tell 'em Freddie! 

Mmmmmmk so THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE HAPPENED SATURDAY NIGHT WHEN A GIRL I TAUGHT IN STOCKDALE GOT BAPTIZED AND I GOT TO SEE THE ENTIRE WARD AND I LITERALLY COULD HAVE CURLED UP IN A BALL AND DIED. It was like a dream come true. I walked in the room and seriously almost screamed because I got to see so many people that became a huge part of my life for 9 months. And the girl who got baptized (her name is Kayla, but it's a different Kayla than the one who got baptized before I left) asked if I could come to the temple with her and sister Hayes this Saturday!!!!!!!! Like. I can't breathe. Kayla, my baby Sister Hayes, and my favorite members. I CAN DIE HAPPY. 

Also we had our first Saturday of ultimate frisbee and it was a success! We had a part member family show up that we are teaching, and Sister Carter and I had to reign ourselves back in because we are missionaries and we can't be that competitive but IT'S HARD WHEN YOU LOVE THE GAME. Ugh it was so much fun. Then we played with whip cream afterward and you all know how I feel about sugar. ❤

So we send out a daily scripture text every day to our peeps; here's today's: 

2 Nephi 10:32
"Cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves- to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life."

Isn't agency such a great blessing and part of life? We don't have to be miserable and sad! Because of Jesus Christ, we can choose to be happy, diligent, charitable, patient, loving , obedient, and cheerful in any phase of life! 

He is the way we can have happiness here, and happiness forever. But most importantly, happiness today. 

Oh also, what do you call an alligator with a vest? And investigator!! LOLZ!

Also enjoy this video of our zone activity and hilarious pics. 
Sister Harmon

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