Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 50: Back to Bakersfield!

November 14, 2017


We'll start in Tehachapi. Yep. You heard me. This week was a beautiful week in the Golden Hills Bear Valley area. We got to hear nothing about the election except who won the next morning. Craziness. Good thing we have a prophet - AM I RIGHT.

Wednesday night. It happened. We love to call and bother the AP's and all of a sudden at 10:00pm they were calling us. I was hoping they were going to tell us the news that we were finally getting iPads, but no.

****phone rings***
AP's: "Hey Harmon! Pack your bags, you're getting ET'ed." (Emergency Transferred)
Me: "I'm sorry, we're closed, but thanks for calling!"
AP's: "No for real you're getting emergency transferred."

Sister Daelemans and I were in complete shock. We sat there and just hugged each other and I sniffed her hair because I wouldn't be able to do that for a long, long time. Wanna hear the full story? SINCE YOU ASKED.

So there is another sister. One p-day they were all playing football. Homegurl... I mean... Homesister is focused and she ran to catch the ball and she caught it, but unfortunately she ran head on into a pole. I'm serious. She got a really bad concussion and she had to go home. So so sad. So they ET'd me down there. We had 2 days (thankfully) to say goodbye and absorb the beauties of life in Tehachapi. It's hilarious. I thought I would go crazy up in a small town but I was soo bummed to say goodbye.

There were 2 people that saying goodbye to was torture. HONG. Mike was out of town which broke my heart, but Hong. I love her so much. She even did a peace sign pic with me without me even asking. I felt like Lizzie McGuire "this is what dreams are made of" when Daelemans was snapping the pic. I told her to add me on facebook and she's like "REALLY?! My Amerreecan friend on Faceeebook in real life!!" How can you not love her.

This amazing part member family that we tracted into was tough to leave. We found them the very first day being here, and we have been getting close to them and having a lot of fun. This past Tuesday at FHE, the mom kept asking when transfers were and made us promise to let her know if we ever leave. And then a day later I had to leave. It was awful. We went over and she had GIFTS for us. She got these necklaces with our initials and the word "faith" in them, and then she says, "Because the first thing you taught us was faith." My heart literally melted. Honestly, I had no idea she was listening the first time we came over!!! It blew my mind. You really never know. She was totally crying when we said goodbye and it just broke my heart.

On Saturday morning we headed to Bakersfield, because ELDER BEDNAR IS COMINNGGGG TO TOWNNN. For real he came for a special mission conference. It. Was. INCREDIBLE. I can't even. Four hours of just sitting there trying to absorb everything like a lil' sponge. He asked us to read four of his talks to prepare, and Daelemans and I would play them on repeat in the car and it was so awesome. For two hours, he asked us to share what we learned and then we'd have a discussion. The next two hours, he did a Q & A and we got to ask questions. EEEEEEEE. I had been stewing on a question for a while so I got to ask it! This is what I asked him:

"Where is the sword of Laban?" 
Ok I really asked him:

"How do you approach your personal study and how do you maximize and utilize the time you have?" was the basis of the question.
Then he STARED INTO MY EYES AND TALKED TO ME FOR LIKE 3 SOLID MINUTES AND MY WHOLE NECK TURNED RED. He basically said that he always goes in with a question. And if you can't think of a question, pray and ask for a question that you can search for an answer. I KNOW RIGHT- mind-blowing. Among other awesome things, that's what he said. It was so cool.

Then I went to my new area. I am back in West Bakersfield again! I am in my old zone, but a different area. It's called the Snow ward. It feels like serious dejavu coming back. But it's all good. :)

SO YEAH. Also another thought that he talked about. People believe that the gospel works, that it's something you should do, that Jesus is perfect, and that what he has to say will help people. But a lot of people don't actually believe that it all applies to THEM. I know I've done that before. The fastest way to changing and being who you want to be is to take everything seriously and have the mentality that everything applies to you, because it does. My friend told me once that the commandments didn't apply to him, but they applied to everyone else. First off that's retarded...I mean illogical... and secondly that gets you nowhere fast. You have to believe Christ and believe that what he saying is meant for you.

Alright, peace and blessings. I'm back to 80 degree weather, right when Mom sent all my winter clothes to Tehachapi.  Haha whoops!

Also. Don't even know how this happened but my year mark came around last week. I know. We went with a former investigator, Susan, to "Bean Me Up Expresso" for street tacos to celebrate. Susan calls us "The sisters of mercy." It's incredible.
Lerve yer all!

Sister Harmon

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