Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 67: Asian Invasion

MARCH 13, 2017

Dreams honestly do come true. For FHE this week, we did karaoke and I got to sing "Jesus take the wheel". It's hymn-based so it's FINE.

Our new district leader on weekly call-ins:
"So how do you sisters spell your name?"
*Me and Sister Hayes look at each other*
"H-O-U-R-M-I-N and H-A-A-Y-O-O-S."
"..Sister Hourmin and Sister Haayoos?"


Can I just say how much joy it brings me seeing how much Sister Hayes has grown over the past 9 months? HOLY COW. It's utterly unreal. This girl is fearless in talking to people, leads out in lessons, and she is so chatty it's mind-blowing!! Mah heart hurts with joy to see my little Asian all grown up. We have grown together in word, and deed, and teaching. We are Juan.  ;)

We are working with an investigator who is goin through a lot of junk (aren't we all?). Originally, we were going to introduce the 12-step program to help with his addiction, but we took a completely different route and had an entire discussion on meaningful prayer. It was one of those lessons where you'd open your mouth and your own words weren't coming out, but the Spirit's. Ugh so sick. I love those because I learn just as much as the investigator. WHY DO MISSIONS HAVE TO END.

So the zone leaders that Hayes and I had when we were comps the first time, are now the assistants, so it's just one big party all the time. We were gonna teepee their house but #missionrules

The theme of this week is that the Lord just knows you inside and OUT. Giving me my baby back is the greatest blessing for both of us. Mah lil heart is so happy.

On Saturday we had a YSA activity up in the canyon of Bakes called Wind Wolves. We went on this hike that was about 5 miles long and Sister Hayes and I were DEAD. The Lord has given us mental, spiritual, and emotional challenges, and Saturday it was just straight up physical challenges. 9 months ago, Hayes and I were literally the laziest pringles in the can. Thankfully that's changed and we actually work out these blessed bodies, so we survived. We thought we would have time to come back and do our studies after the hike, but we literally ran home and changed and went to appointments the rest of the afternoon and evening. We were dead and I am so sunburned but IT WAS WORTH IT!
I just can't really explain how AMAZING  LIFE IS RIGHT NOW AIOAFSDFJ;AFJ;AFJF that's me trying to explain it. I feel so, so blessed to be in YSA. I feel so, so blessed to be with Sister Hayes. We have some AWESOME investigators who are doing so great. It's just a large bucket of blessings and it's a really heavy bucket. It's like a fat morbidly-obese bucket with rolls of fat everywhere and filled with lard. Mmhmmm. Lotsa blessings.

Sister Hayes;
"Someone asked me if I love One Direction and, like my faith, I cannot deny it."


Sister Harmon

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