Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 46: Brethren and Sistern

May 17, 2016


So its sooo foggy right now. We can't see anything!! And also it started raining. It's actually raining in California. I'm thinking "we're closed now right?" Good thing it's Pday!! The Lord knew I needed to be in California. I can't handle any kind of weather except sunshine. lolz

OK this week was full of miracles and jams and jellies!! First off, ELDER CARL B COOK OF THE 70 CAME FOR MISSION CONFERENCE. He's the one who gave the talk about callings in General Conference! It was AMAZING. My mind was blown and my mission has been changed forevs. Also, another sister and I got to sing a duet together at the conference! Twas fun. After the conference was over, Sister D and I went to the bathroom before leaving, and I walk out of the bathroom and guess who walks out too? The one and only, Elder Cook. There was no one else around. Perfect. "Ok, so I have a question for you!!!" "Sure, what it is?" "What was it like to speak in General Conference and was it terrifying?!!" Lol! He is so cool! We got to chat for a bit about the logistics of speaking in General Conference- I'm glad I'll probs never have to do that! 

Afterward I had to go to my old stomping grounds of the STOCKDALE KINGDOM! I had to get some addresses for the sisters that I never wrote down, and President let me visit some peeps!! I got to surprise my adopted daughter, our recent convert Aliya. I attached a vid of her reaction. Blessed. She went to the temple for the first time this weekend and my heart might explode all over the floor, stay tuned. 

OH MY GOSH THE BEST MIRACLE OF ALL. We went to Del Taco for dinner on our way home. I asked for 3 tacos, and when I looked inside my bag, THERE WERE FOUR TACOS. The Lord is in the details of our lives!!!!

We had a mirrraaaccllee yesterday. We have been sending messages up to Heaven as of late for some investigators. We were walking into Relief Society and I saw this lady about to come in from outside. I had this feeling twice that I should open the door for her and say hi. Okee. Then after relief society we went to the chapel to give the other sisters something, and I saw the lady who had walked in and I felt like I needed to go talk to her. So I went over and chatted with her- turns out she isn't a member of the Lord's church, and she is in our ward boundaries. I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?! Then later we had a few minutes before dinner, and there was a part member family we felt like we should go try and see. They didn't answer, but 2 doors later, a teen daughter and a dad opened. The dad wasn't interested, but we kept sharing and we shared about the Book of Mormon. I kid you not, the smile on that girls face got bigger and bigger the more we shared, and when we asked if she wanted to learn more she was like giddy and was like YES! WE gave her a copy of the good word and she was like beaming. So cool. We are gonna find out today if her mom is ok with her learning. 

Oh my goodness ok the cutest couple ever in our ward. Brother and Sister Lewis. They are older and they are literally marriage goals. We were at their house for dinner and a recent convert lesson with Sister Lang, and Sister Lewis is like, "I am so fat it's just ridiculous!! I can't stand it!" And Brother Lewis goes, "Sister Lewis it's just more to love." I CAN'T EVEN. 

A member is going to cut and color my hair for free. I am going to be a toe head forever. Horse tail update- Sister Dalemans is like, "You really should just chop your hair" and I'm like "GET THEE HENCE SATAN" ugh some people's children ya know? 

Also guess what's good ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO SPEAK TO THE MISSIONARIES IN A MONTH!!! I can't handle anything anymore. 

Alright peace!
Sister Harmon


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