Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 70: Guten Tag

April 3, 2017

CHRISTMAS CAME A LITTLE EARLY THIS YEAR, AKA CONFERENCE, holy cow. Honestly my mind. Is. Blown. I decided to go in with a question and it was amazing how clear my answer was!! My question- will I get a million dollars from my parents? Every talk was like BOOM BOOM BOOM YES YES YES! It was amazing. Lolllzzzz, but really conference was one fleck of gold after the other and I now have a spiritual pot of gold. I loved it!!!

My fav quotes from General Conference: 

Be not afraid, only believe. 
Do what is right, let the consequence follow. 
Let it go, and follow Him.
If you can't walk, run. 
Believe in yourself. Believe in Him. 

Go ahead and make your memes outta these.

So remember the YSA guy who we called who was like "Yeah I'm high!"? So we called him again. We made an appointment to come see him- he lives in Tehachapi so it's a bit of a trip (no pun intended). We called him earlier that day to make sure we were still good:
"Hey Reuben! How are you?"
"I'm high!"
"Will you be high at 5:00 if we come over?"
"Yeah probably."
"Ok we'll see ya then!"
We go to his house, knock on the door, and a girl answers.
"Hi! Is Reuben home?" 
"Yeah, one second.... Grandpa!!" 
**Hayes and I look at each other. Grandpa??**
Reuben comes to the door:
"Hey girls come on in!"
We sit down and he starts chatting up a STORM. Then he goes:
"Yeah you know I have been high for a while. I used to be high on bud-light, then I used to be high on the powder. But now? Now I been high on JESUS." 
Hayes and I are internally dying/crying at this point like is this real life. 

Two seconds later...
"Now would you ladies like to get high with me?"
Ugh golden investigator right there.

Oh my word this week we had interviews with President. The poor man probably doesn't know what to do with me. We are enjoying our little interview and then he somehow weasels the conversation into dating. Why? Can't I just be a nun at the Abbey forever??
"So.. you writing anyone?"
"Am I what?!"
"Yeah! Are you writing anyone?"
"No I'm single as a pringle ready to mingle! I might even do a little jingle."  
The look he gave me. The only way to describe it is the way dad looks at me- He's trying to hide his smile and he's shaking his head but at the same time he's giggling inside but also like she is so ridiculous. 

Investigator moment: We have been working foreeeever with this guy Jose to help him want to read the scriptures. We've had like 7 lessons on why we read the scriptures yadda yadda and nothing was sticking. I was running out of ideas and patience when fiiinally we figured it out! We gave him a scripture chain on repentance because he had a question about what repentance was. We came back the next time, half-expecting he hadn't read and he says, "I read the whole thing and I have questions." YAS!! It was amazing to see how much he had changed and felt the spirit because he actually READ THE SCRIPTURES. Moral of the story- READ THE SCRIPTURES. 

Sister Harmon

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