Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 65: I Be Getting' My Hair Done Today

February 27, 2017

That moment when you make a joke and don't realize you made a joke and everyone starts laughing and then you start laughing to join in, but you're totally confused. And then you realize you made a joke and then you really start laughing.  #tendermoments

WHEN THE LORD JUST DOES HIS WORK. Ok so when I was in Stockdale, we taught this AMAZING girl named Brooklyn. She is YSA age. The other day all of a sudden her name popped into my mind, and we decided to go see her. The timing worked out perfectly when we visited her- it was her only day off and she was just walking in the door. It was sooo good to see each other, and she totally wants to take the discussions again and come to YSA!! The best part: "You literally have no idea how perfect the timing is of you guys coming to see me." Ugh so fantastic!! Love her face. 

Our investigator Raul. I love his heart and soul. Not like that, so CALM DOWN. We had a lesson with him, and as part of his HW we wanted him to read a chapter out of the bible as well as the Book of Mormon. We went out to our car to get a bible for him and he says, "Hey I have a question. What's your goal with teaching me?" Oh, good lad, what an excellent question. We basically said our goal is to help him draw closer to Jesus Christ, know this is all true, and act on that knowledge... baptism. He goes, "Oh ok sounds good." SOUNDS GOOD TO ME TOO RAUL!!! Then we had another little lesson and he was like "yeah the more we keep talkin about baptism the more appealing it sounds". Well let's talk about it all day then!!!!!!!

Back in Stockdale ward (the motherland), we worked with this amazing girl named Emma for quite sometime. I went over to her house a year ago, and then we worked with her all throughout the summer until I got transferred to Tehachapi in September. I was suuuper disappointed she didn't get baptized and that we had to stop teachinig her. Over the past month she's been on my mind randomly, and I kept feeling like we should go see her soon because she is YSA age. Then I got a text this week and found out that SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY AND SHE ASKED IF I COULD COME AND I LITERALLY CEASED TO BREATHE FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. I got her number and called her and we just screamed over the phone for a solid minute, no joke. SO exciting. And the best part is that right after she gets baptized in Stockdale I am going to kidnap her into YSA and it's gonna be awesome!!!!!!! 

That moment when President gives you marriage advice in interviews and you're like um #nunforeverbyeeee - love him so much though.

Also I have a testimony of persistence. For 15 months I have wanted a special nametag that is for pockets that only elders wear. What if I wanna be an elder huh?? Nah jk I've wanted it for my scriptures. Every time I asked, I got shot down by Elder Ball, the senior office missionary. He literally calls me trouble. "Oh there's trouble again! I've heard about you all week!" Oh my word. I finally got him to change it to wonderful instead of trouble. #goals. FINALLY the last time I asked him he said YES and now I have a nametag for my screeeptures!! Persistence is key. 15 months worth of persistence.

OH my word, can we have a good news minute? So a few weeks ago we'd take frequent walks at the bluffs- the cliffs of Bakes. We'd hand out Book of Mormons and share the good word as we enjoyed the sunshine. We got a text from a random number a couple of days ago that said, "Thank you guys for the book at the bluffs about 2 weeks ago. May you be blessed." It made my heart melt! You really never know what will happen, so just invite others to come unto Christ, and then you do you nah boo nah!! 

Also we have a new recent convert in the YSA ward who is African American and blind named Tanisha. She gets up and goes, "I am the first visually-impaired black member of the church so I can say this, Ima say it loud, Ima say it proud, I'm black." I was internally DYING I was so happy. 


Seester Harmon

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