Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 64: Beach Volleyball and ONE Year in the Zone

February 20, 2017

Alma 5:7, Book of Mormon:
"He awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God."

I took that literally this week on exchanges and set a pass-a-long card of Jesus on some old guy's lap that was asleep on his porch. It's the little things.

The other night we had a discussion with our investigator, Jose. He has the most tender spirit of all time. He has been taught for a few months, and he's ready but he's just so nervous and unsure of himself. We talked all about the Holy Ghost being our constant companion and teacher, & our awesome members talked about not having to be perfect and that repentance is REAL. We had him read a scripture that talks about the qualifications for baptism, and asked him to ask himself if he fit that qualification (D&C 20:77). Mmmmm the spirit was working on him, you could see it, and it was beautiful. Then we asked him if he wanted to be baptized, and he said... YES! I was so excited I made us all do a group high five and I was jumping up and down in my seat. It happens often. He is so excited about it and makes me so excited about it. "I never thought I would get to this point in my life." Well Jose it's just the beginning of goodness so BUCKLE UP!!

So with the new missionary schedule, we have a little bit more freedom. FREEDOM BABY!!!!! Lolz. Instead of having companionship study in the morning, we can have it whenever we want. My favorite thing as of late: we have what's called "the bluffs" right by the college campus. It's a big cliff that overlooks the oil fields and the mountains, and their is a trail along the cliffs with palm trees and all. It's actually so gorgeous. When we have down time between lessons, we go to the bluffs and take walks and have our comp study on the trail. We'll bring cards and copies of the Book of Mormon and talk to peeps as we walk.

 Last time, we were walking and we see this couple chilling on a bench. I got this feeling, "you gotta talk to them." At the moment I was feeling resistance for some reason. Satan. I decided in my head that if the guy looked at me I'd talk to them. Ya know, cuz I'm dumb like that! Right when I had that thought the guy looks over at me. Ok I get it! We went and talked to them and oh my word, they were so golden it was beautiful. The boyfriend was convincing the gf to take the lessons! Lolz! Right before we left we asked, "Do you mind if we give you a gift?" and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they were sooo excited and grateful. "Thank you so much for the gift!" They didn't look like the type that would accept a Book of Mormon, but guess what? Ya never know and das why you gotta talk to everyone cuz only the Lord knows.

We got this AMAZING referral for a young lad named David. He asked us to meet him at Starbucks to talk with him, and he is THE most prepared and spiritual person. The best part was trying to teach the Restoration while Michael Ruble's "Save the last dance for me" was blasting through the speakers. The best part of the whole evening- Sister Clegg recited the first vision while T-Pain was screaming through the speaker, and afterward David said, "Wow!!" and in my head I'm like oh phew he felt something, and he goes, "you had that whole thing memorized!" I was dying laughing. 

I just have a full heart lately. I am so grateful that the spirit pushed me off my personal cliff and told me to come on a mission. I have changed so much, and my perspective is on much more of an eternal level than before. I hope that the changes I make in my life, and the changes we all make in our lives, stick with us even when we live in a fallen world. It's the little things that will keep us on track. 

Alright. Bless all y'all I lerve yer faces. 

Also my former companion Sister Carter made me a "Queen of West Bakes" crown since I served in that zone for a year AND MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE DONTCHA KNOW!!!

Sister Harmon

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