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Week 47: I Saw Two Foxes on Our Porch!!

October 24, 1026

So on last Sunday Tasha just walked into church, right? She isn't a member and she is interested in learning more. We made an appointment to come over on Tuesday at 1. We go over and knock, and nothing. There were multiple cars but no answer. We knocked, and knocked.. and knocked lol. We really wanted to teach her! We called and texted but nothing. So sad. We decided to stay on the street and knock the rest of the houses, but no success. 

On the way back to the car, we decided to go and knock one more time. She opened!! We went inside and started talking to her, and did some "How to begin teaching". We were planning on teaching the restoration, and I was kind of introducing the restoration a little bit. I got out the restoration pamphlet, and then all of a sudden Sister Daelemans starts talking about the plan of salvation. Whaaa?? So I get out the plan of salvation pamphlet and we taught the whole thing. It. Went. AMAZING. It was exactly what she needed to hear, and she was pretty emotional. After the lesson me and Sis D were talking and she was like, "Yeah I was kinda confused cuz you started talking about the plan of salvation" and I was like "wait what? I thought you were talking about the plan of salvation??" Turns out we were both confused and we both just started teaching the plan of salvation. Hahahahahah it was the spirit. 

Oh my goodness. Our investigators Mike and Hong. I LOVE THEM. So Hong is the one from China and Mike is her husband who looks like Cameron from Ferris Bueler's day off. Hong is such a crack-up. So we had prepped this whole lesson on how we were going to ask them the baptismal interview questions to see where they were at, and then read scriptures together about baptism since the scriptures really help them learn. Well none of that happened lolz. We followed up and asked them if they had watched the DVD "Finding Faith in Christ" that we gave them last week, and Hong says, "We watch it, and I jus don believe Jesus healed people with his hand or walk on water. I jus don believe." I'm just like wait what?! Last week she said she had so much faith! We ended up talking about faith the entire lesson. Where do I even start? 

That morning I was putting on a necklace when I had the feeling that I should wear my faith necklace that has a mustard seed on it. After like 3 times, I finally switched necklaces and put on my faith necklace. We ended up using it a lot to teach Hong that her faith was small like a seed, but it would grow if she kept reading and praying and trying to listen to the spirit. Hong is so hilarious. Our member who came with us was like in the middle of bearing her testimony and Hong interrupts her and goes, "OH MAH GUDNEESS, YU LOORK LAK DONALD TRUMPS WAHFE!" I was like trying not to cry tears of laughter. I cannot handle her. 

We were running around in circles with her. She went from, "I jus don believe he could touch pepo and heal dem" to "I jus have to have face (faith)" to "Yu have to expeerience it fo youself" to "I'm sorry I jus don believe it" to "I need to read and pray". Hahaha! It was awesome. What was cool though was we really weren't going around in circles because the spirit was totally there so it's all good. But I love them to pieces. 

HAHA also we were really trying to commit them both to read every single day for 10 minutes and to pray and ask questions and then to listen. Right after I ask her to do those things, she's like, "You would be a good saleswoman, you know how to sell", and then Mike is like, "Yeah, you would be really good at sales" and I'm just like I AM TRYING TO COMMIT YOU TO READ AND PRAY EVERY DAY JUST SAY YES. But they totally rock. Whenever we ask them to do something, they always do it. We committed them to live the word of wisdom and they said yes, and then the next Sunday they didn't come to church. We went over and Mike said that he's been so tired from not drinking coffee that he fell asleep for 3 hours during Sunday. HAHAHAHAHA I can't handle them. 

We had the primary program(s) today at church. The kids are absolutely hysterical. In the Golden Hills ward they sang "scripture power", and all the kids stood up and had their scripture and would raise their arm with them for every chorus. One kid every time would literally jump in the air, and as I looked closer he didn't even have scriptures, he had a hymn book. Haha!! He kept jumping and jumping and then he totally biffed it and fell. It was hilarious. 

K peace on streets✌

Sister Harmon

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