Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 44: Winter is Upon Us and I am Freezing!

October 3, 2016

I am wearing a beanie right now. I THOUGHT I GOT SENT TO CALIFORNIA. The Lord is testing me. 

OK SO MERRY CHRISTMAS... I MEAN CONFERENCE... WAS IT NOT AMAZING. I had no makeup after every session. I was such a mess. It was AMAZING. The Lord was like, "Sister Harmon (because I don't have a first name right now), our next speaker is going to be speaking directly to you, you beautiful woman" EVERY TIME. It was awesome.

So I absolutely love Tehachapi. It's quite an adventure. Sister Daelmans and I working our little tails off trying to tell people about Jesus. We have been having so much fun. Ok a few stories SINCE YOU ASKED NICELY. 

So last Pday we went to an Ostrich farm. I KNOW RIGHT. It was amazing. I was planning on riding it but they wouldn't let me. BUT it did bite my finger. I feel blessed.

So we decided to start praying every night for a member to text or call us with their friends who are ready to take the discussions. 3 DAYS LATER we get a text from a member, "Hey sisters, my friend just texted me and said she wants to take the lessons. It's super out of the blue but I thought I should let you know." Okay, is that not the Lord's hand or what?!  Her name is Mary and she is seriously the BOMB. We went over this morning to her house and we asked her to pray and in her prayer she says, "Lord please help my work to let me have Sundays off so I can come to church." YAS YAS YAS. I am so excited. 

We were talking to this guy this week and we somehow were talking about the 2nd coming and he's like, 
"Yeah, everyone's like 'Oh, I saw Jesus in my toast! I saw a cloud and Jesus was in it! I saw Jesus in my spaghetti!! I just don't buy that crap." and I said, 
"Yes, we do know that when Jesus comes again it will be in the flesh, and not in the form of spaghetti." 
I wasn't even trying to make a joke at all but we all started cracking up after I said it. Turns out he's not interested, but he learned something new. 

Oh, and then we got ANOTHER REFERRAL FOR A PREPARED SOUL. #specificprayers 
We went over to see this lady whose mom just passed away. We had this suuuper spiritual visit with her. We were planning on a quick 20 minute hello because she had to take a call, and then 2 hours later she was like, "You know I really wasn't expecting this tonight, but I'm so glad I met with you." Anyways, she wanted to show us this video about living life without regrets. It got me thinking a lot about a looot of things. There are 2 types of pain: 

- There is the pain of regret, of not doing something, or not becoming what you wanted to become. You look back on the past and there is pain because you didn't do what you wanted to or knew what you could. This pain can last a lifetime.

- The pain of getting outside your comfort zone, stretching, growing, and doing something hard. This pain only lasts for a short while until you reach your goal, and then after that there is pure satisfaction. 

It's really motivated me thinking about it in those terms. Either way, there is going to be some form of pain that we have to experience. But we can choose which pain. We can either have long-lasting pain because we didn't reach our potential, repent, and follow our dreams, or we can have temporary pain that comes from doing something hard, and then have pure happiness and joy because we accomplished our goal! 

Anyways, I'ma take the lesser pain. 



Sister HarmonWintr 

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