Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 71: Thriller and Swing Dancing

April 10, 2017

Highlights from this week include:

A member came up to us: "So I was binge-watching Parks and Rec, and so many times as I was watching Leslie Knope I thought to myself, that's totally Sister Harmon."
I was honestly in my coffin at this point because I had DIED FROM HAPPINESS. 

We got to go up to a lil place called Lake Isabella! It's about an hour away from Bakersfield. The drive up was gorgeous. It just makes my heart happy that Sister Hayes and I get to go on little road trips and see new places. It's like the Lord knows me or something.

So this weekend downtown Bakersfield had a little art walk where all these people put up booths and sold their artwork in the streets downtown. It was the chillest way to talk to all sorts of people about the Lord. 

Okay, this guy named Francis. Craziest story ever. 

"Sisters, I want to share a story with you. I have been wondering lately if God still speaks to us. Last week I was leaving a bible study class, when I had the strongest urge ever to buy some milk. It was such a weird feeling, but I went to the store and bought milk. Then I started driving down these streets and I didn't know where I was at. I parked and got out and just started walking. I ended up at a door and I just decided to knock on the door. A lady opened the door and said "Who are you?" And I said "Hey, you don't know me, but I need to give this to you." I gave her the milk and she started crying. She said that she had been praying because she had a crying baby and was out of money and needed milk for her baby."

YEAH. AND what is even crazier. Last month a member of the stake presidency came and talked to some of us, and he shared the EXACT SAME STORY of when he was a missionary. Literally the exact same thing happened to him. When Francis was telling the story I was like, is this for real? Oh my word, is this real life WHAT THE HECK?! UGH so cool.

But k think about it. How many times do you get a feeling to do something that may seem a little out of the blue? If I got a feeling to buy milk I'd be like yeah no, I'm allergic to milk, that's weird. But Francis 100% just did it without question, and LOOK AT THE MAN. HE FED A HUNGRY BABY. How many hungry babies can we all feed if we listen to the promptings we get and do something about 'em. 

 And then Francis is like, "So what do I have to do accept Jesus into my heart? Like what's the next step?" SWEET MERCY. 

OH MY WORD this week for FHE we learned THE DANCE TO THRILLER AND I LITERALLY HAVE WRINKLES ON MY FACE FROM SMILING SO HARD IT WAS AWESOME. And then we learned swing dancing and Sister Hayes was my partner, and the joy that came from having that little Asian as my dance partner was indescribable. 

It's amazing to see how our darkest moments and our hardest trials can be used to help other people. This week there was a member who was going through something that was like literally me at one point in my life - like identical. I understood her in a totally different way because I had 100% gone through the same thing. It felt so good helping her out, and she was so grateful to be understood and get sound advice. When we think about it, that is literally Christ. He totally gets it every time, he wants to help us so bad, and his advice is always sound. SO JUST LISTEN TO HIM FOR PETE'S SAKE.<3

Alright you lil' shawwty's. Oh my word yesterday in church a girl was visiting and I was like "Hi what's your name?"
**Oh my word her name is literally Shawwty**
**My face has a 10-foot smile and I am trying to hold back girly giggles**
"It is so nice to meet you Shawwty! So glad you came!"

Ugh, I love everything. 

Alright you lil shawwties, peace and blessings.

Sister Harmon

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