Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 52: Turkey, NASA, and Covenants

November 28, 2016

This email is brought to you from EDWARDS NATIONAL AIR FORCE BASE. Aye aye cap'n. We literally just walked up to the NASA launch pads. IT WAS SO SICK. Also this email is long so if you don't read it, fine but you're missing out!

So one thing we are doing to help Sister Ryan get better- we are eating dinners at home so we can avoid any cross contamination for gluten. I've volunteered to domesticate myself and learn to cook like a real woman. For my first attempt, I decided we would have crockpot chicken and have tacos. A cup of water, some chicken, and some salsa. Easy. I threw it all in and was so proud of myself. About 10 minutes later, Sister Ryan came into the kitchen and said, "Umm... I don't know if you knew this or not... but that's not a crockpot... That's a rice cooker." I have a lot to learn. #blondemoments

So since sister Ryan's been not so good, we decided to ask to have the Lord bring the investigators to us! IT WORKED. We had a baptismal interview with Daniella at the park (you bet we all swung on the swings) and on our way home we felt like we needed to visit our members at the gas station. We start talking and this member named Lavi tells us all about her friend John who wants to read the entire Book of Mormon. Then 10 minutes later, who walks in? JOHN. Lavi was like, "Oh my goodness! John! You must have felt the holy spirit of God because we have been thinking about you and we have these two wonderful ladies here! Let's sit down and discuss!" And then Lavi full on invites him to baptism- and he said yes! It was amazing.

Then on our way home we were at this stop light in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE and there is this cute little man waving roses at people trying to sell them. Our companionship theme is "one by one," so we pull over and cross this street with semis driving past with the intent to get a flower and baptize the man. We walk over and try to talk to him, but we quickly realize that he is un pocito English. And I do not have the gift of tongues. I'm like, "Oh! un pocito englesio? Ya ya! Mi mama y papa mucho mucho espanol but me no bueno! Hahaha! But we are missionaries from Jesu Christo dios!" Yeah I'm real fluent. He literally just looks at us with blank faces and wouldn't take our money. After a solid 2 minutes of trying to communicate and um GET A FLOWER MY GOODNESS, we finally left empty handed. It's moments like those when I'm positive that the Lord giggles at us sometimes.

The next day was Thanksgiving. We saw the same man on our drive and decided to spread some Thanksgiving cheer and buy some flowers since we had $5 this time. We park and I run over yelling, "HOLA!!!!" He just looks at us like "oh no, them again?" We go over and say, "Hola! Una flower? Money!" And try to hand him our money. He stares at it and says, "Dies?" And I think he's saying yes and so I say "Si! Si!!" And he just keeps looking at our pile of change and currency. Then he starts doing the single lady hand flip again. Finally Sister Ryan and I both realize that he means 10 dollars. WHY. We had a Spanish restoration pamphlet and I point and say, "La Restaracion de los el..." And just hand him the pamphlet. Then I had a card of Jesus and point and say, "Jesu Christo!!!" and give him the pamphlet. Then we left. It was hilarious. 

Oh my gosh also we were at dinner with the Porter's and their little grandson wanted to sit with me. After dinner he says, "Um, would you mind if I hold your hand?" It was DARLING.

Thanksgiving was the best Thanksgiving of ALL TIME. We had 3 dinners, and our last dinner of the night was at President Layton's house. It. Was. A. Dream. They had 8 missionaries over all gathered around the table, and we all got to basically bear testimony saying what we were grateful for. Then we all gathered around the piano, and a sister and I sang a duet, then I sang "How Great Thou Art", then I played for Sister Layton and her son. It was so magical, honestly.

Daniella got baptized on Saturday!! It was an awesome awesome day. To celebrate and to help create some family unity, we got the elders to come with us and we went out to magical Button Willow and played kickball at the park with the family. The one day it decided to rain like crazy, we decided to play kickball. It was AWESOME. Livin for da moments.

Sister Bigler and I got to reunite this weekend! A lady we taught named Leanne got cancer and almost passed away. We didn't' get to say goodbye to her, and then a few weeks ago she called us and said she was doing so much better and wanted to see us!! It was so so awesome to see her. She had a 10% chance of living but she's pullin through. Cancer is the worst. Miracles are real.

I'm going to invite each of you to take something very seriously, and that is the "Light of the World" Christmas initiative. Do something every day that Jesus would do. The more we have the mentality that every initiative and invitation the prophet gives applies directly to us, the more happiness we'll have in our lives. I testify.

k byyyyeeeee

Sister Harmon





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