Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 55: Deck the Halls!!

December 19, 2016

Oh my heart.

Well, this week has been quite the adventure. Sister Ryan and I spent the first part of the week getting everything ready for her to go home. We got SO LUCKY and had to go up to Edwards Air Force Base for another doctors appointment. Can you say two-hour road trip??? And guess what? TIWI broke on our car for a few days so I could drive as fast as I wanted! I only went 95 a few times ;) 

It turns out she may have some stomach ulcers as well as her esophagus keeps tightening and closing. Poor girl. But we had a great time together and made the best of it. K OH MY WORD YOU GUYS. Elder Nelson gave a talk called "Joy and Spiritual Survival". The whole talk is about having joy through trials. It's so true. Sister Ryan is such an example of that. Here we are, basically not working at all for a month because she is so sick, she's up all night, going to lots of doctors appointments, and everything else that comes with being sick, and we seriously had the most fun in my entire mission!! I have never laughed so hard and made so many outrageous and hilarious memories. It really is true that it doesn't matter your circumstances. You can always have joy if you choose to find the joy, which is always found through JESUS. 

So many tender mercies as Sister Ryan went home this week. A missionary's mom in the mission sent her a coat because she is going home to Utah, the senior missionaries took her shopping for normal people clothes (her style is so GUUCI by the way), and so many more. On her last day, our entire zone showed up at our door with posters and balloons and caroled to her as a sweet goodbye. It was so touching. I have learned so much in the past four and a half weeks being companions with her. I've had such a special opportunity to serve her in a way that I couldn't serve any of my companions. It's amazing that when you serve someone because you want to help them, your love for them grows so much. 

My new companion is Sister Carter. She just came from Bishop, her first area, which was my first area too! She's a convert to the church and she's 24. My first comp who is older than me! I'm not the only gramma in the mission!! We have had a fun few days filled with caroling to lots of people. We went with some other sisters and had a great time. Our zone is going caroling together every night this week, rotating between people's areas, and on Christmas we are caroling in our area! I am so excited. It's so wonderful to see how such little acts of kindness make such a big difference for people. It's not the big things- it's the little things. 

Oh my word we also went to this random little library in Button Willow and caroled with a bunch of tween boys. They all brought instruments and another sister played the piano and we sang songs. The boys kept saying, "She is so bad at the piano she keeps messing up!!" Demon children!! It was so much fun though. 

OUR CAR TOTALLY ALMOST BLEW UP. We were driving home and all of a sudden the car starts smoking like crazzyyy in the middle of the road! We pull over and call the AP's screaming that our car is smoking and might blow up. It helped being dramatic because they got their 5 minutes later with a new car. All is well in Zion.

I hope you all have the best Christmas ever. It's not about presents. It's not about getting. It's not about treats and yummy food. It's about Christ. Get a piece of paper and write what gift you are going to give to Him this year. Wrap that piece of paper up in a box and put it under the tree. We can't give material things of any sort, but we can give Him our heart. That's all he really wants anyways. And deep down, that's all we really want too.

Merry Christmas! 
Seester Harmon  

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